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support for grief

Support For Grief: All Relationships Are Unique

This is the second in a four-part series about programs that offer support for grief. In Part One, we made a general distinction between bereavement groups and structured groups, with each providing different kinds of support for grief. We talked about the fact that bereavement groups generally create a safe environment in which grieving people … Continue Reading

bereaved children

Bereaved Children: 5 ways our book can help

Much of what we know about loss was taught to us by our parents. Those ideas we learned became part of our belief system. Unfortunately, our parents weren’t working with the most accurate information on this misunderstood topic. You can read about the grief myths here. As a parent, there are ways to make sure … Continue Reading

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Grief Help Guide: What does The Grief Recovery Method offer?

When searching for grief help, you have more options now than ever. In this blog, we’ll describe all the options that we provide here at The Grief Recovery Institute. Our organziation was founded by John W. James, who found no assistance when he and his wife suffered the tragic loss of their 3 day old … Continue Reading

9/11 Tribute

The Grief Recovery Method 9/11 Tribute Series

9/11 Tribute Series Over the years we have written a number of articles and blogs about the aftermath of 9/11 and the impact that unresolved grief has on each of us. We have consolidated all of our blogs related to the tragedy below. Please follow the links to read these tributes. Thank You. 9/11 The … Continue Reading


The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training: CEUs available!

We are approved for 3 CEUs by many professional organizations. Below we have provided a list of the current organizations that offer CEUs for The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training. If you are looking for practical and easy to use formats for helping people through loss this 4-day is right for you. After the training … Continue Reading