how to overcome ptsd

Why society will use any word but grief. Grief Recovery can help in dealing with PTSD.

In great measure, the words we use dictate the feelings we have. The more accurate and honest our language, the clearer our awareness of what affects us, and what we can do about it. Read on to find out how to overcome ptsd, trauma or stress using the tools of The Grief Recovery Method. For … Continue Reading

grief: comparing losses

Grief: Why Comparing Losses Never Helps and Often Hurts

We frequently cite the ancient proverb, “I was unhappy about having no shoes until I met the man who had no feet,” to introduce the dangerous issue of comparison as it relates to grief. Using the proverb as a guide, if you have 10 people in a room, and you start with one whose mother … Continue Reading

dsm 5 controversy

DSM 5 Controversy: The Assault on Grievers Continues

Those of you who follow The Grief Recovery Method website will remember the recent DSM 5 Controversy. A two-year battle to shine the light on the travesty that is the DSM-5. If you remember, it is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which defines the normal sadness following a loss as a mental … Continue Reading

anger management

Anger Management and Unresolved Grief: The Connection

Why would we want to manage anger? Managing anger, rather than completing the source or cause of the anger, implies that we would keep our anger stored up and tucked away for use at a later date. When we hold onto anger that way, it turns into resentment. One of the consequences of taking actions … Continue Reading

the grieving process

The Grieving Process: Is there any such thing?

You’ve probably heard someone say, “I’m in the grieving process,” or talk about a friend who has just experienced a loss and is “in the grieving process.” We’d guess that you probably accepted that statement and didn’t ask for something more specific to help you understand exactly what they were going through. It’s not uncommon … Continue Reading

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

What is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist?

A Certified Grief Recovery Specialist helps people move beyond death, divorce and other losses by facilitating Grief Recovery Outreach Programs. They come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, but have one thing in common: a desire to help people. Why Should I get certified? You’ll use your certification to facilitate group and one-on-one … Continue Reading

grief definition

The Best Grief Definition You Will Find

Since grief is such a wide topic that covers so many kinds of losses and an almost infinite range of emotions, there isn’t a single grief definition that covers it all. But there are three we use to help people understand what grief is and what it isn’t. The most basic one is: “Grief is … Continue Reading

Overcoming Grief

Overcoming Grief

Overcoming Grief: You can’t go over, under, or around it, you must go through it! Our earliest socialization tells us: Don’t Feel Bad, Be Strong, Don’t Burden Others With Your Feelings. Using just those few incorrect ideas, we develop a default position that suggests we shouldn’t feel bad in the first place. If we’re taught … Continue Reading

support for grief

Support for Grief: The other 40 losses

This is the last in a four-part series about programs that offer support for grief. In the first part, we discussed the difference between support-based programs and recovery-based groups, with the bottom line being that both are valuable but have different benefits  for grieving  people. The second in the series highlighted the uniqueness  of  all … Continue Reading

boston marathon bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing: Far-reaching Emotional Aftermath

While the investigations continue into the hows and whys of the Boston Marathon bombing, those directly affected by the event are dealing with the emotional impact of the deaths of and injuries to loved ones. The rest of us, though not harmed physically, or by personal connection to the victims, are nonetheless emotionally wounded by … Continue Reading