Laura Jack

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® - Trainer

Laura Jack is dedicated to supporting people who have experienced loss on their journey of self-rediscovery. After her mom's death in January of 2008, Laura began looking for ways to mend her broken heart. She quickly realized that helping others would play a significant role in her own healing journey.

With a degree in Spanish and marketing from Emory University, Laura went on to become a massage therapist, holistic health coach, and a transformational life coach. As a coach, teacher, writer, and speaker, Laura used her holistic approach to healing and self-love principles to guide her clients through life’s inevitable transitions and losses.

With her constant desire to learn and grow, Laura discovered The Grief Recovery Handbook and immediately realized that this was the piece of the puzzle that had been missing all along. She soon became a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist®, and dedicated herself to sharing The Grief Recovery Method® with as many people as possible.

As the owner of Laura Jack Coaching, Laura not only provides Grief Recovery Method Support Groups and Transformational Coaching Programs, she also guides other Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialists® and holistic health practitioners to grow their practices and shift their mindsets.