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Welcome to The Grief Recovery Method!

Having spent years working as a Health Coach, it became clear that the vast majority of clients had some form of unresolved grief that hindered their ability to live a healthy, happy life. Grief sabotaged their joy, relationships, health, career, and finances.

I am no stranger to grief, having experienced multiple losses; loss of a child, divorce, mid-life career change, loss of health, and man's best friend, our beloved dog.

The Grief Recovery Method restored my future with the tools and action steps needed to heal from multiple devastating losses. My passion is helping people navigate grief related pitfalls and return to joy and confidence they once knew.  I am blessed to offer the expertise and powerful tools of GRM to guide greivers to the other side of their heavy heart in a short amount of time.

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Transform today's darkness into tomorrows light





May 2018 Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

Aug 2016  Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

Jun  2015  Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

Sep  2011 Certified Health Coach (IIN)



Eight years of Professional Coaching Experience


Office Location:

4018 Oleander Drive, Suite 103

Wilmington, NC. 28403


Volunteer Experience:

5+ years Lower Capefear Hospice - Patient Care

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This program is for those who prefer to work face to face with a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist 1-on-1, rather than in a group setting. This 7-meeting format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs in a more private setting.

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For those who do not have access to a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in their area, or prefer on-line meetings, this format is extremely effective. These specialists have been carefully selected and specifically trained to offer Grief Recovery Method Support in this setting over a secured network.

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Barry Wilcox


Wilmington, NC

Phone Number

+1 910 616 4121