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"We're Taught How To Acquire Things, Not What To Do When We Lose Them". John W. James

Are you stuck in the past of your childhood? Are you devastated from a heartbreak that happened years ago?  Are you living under a cloud of grief from the death of a loved one?   Has low self-esteem plagued and kept you stagnant? Are you trapped in a web of fear, unable to move forward and enjoy life? Is life wearing you down and you’re tired of living that way?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, do not despair, help is available for you!

If you have exhausted all options in trying to remedy the issues you face, and traditional therapy has not helped, then the Grief Recovery Program is for you!

The Grief Recovery Program is the solution to many of the challenges you may have faced, such as losses related but not limited to:

Divorce or end of a relationship


Loss of a career

Loss of Health

A move


Loss of trust, faith, safety

Childhood trauma


The Grief Recovery Method is an action and evidence-based program that provide with authentic strategies to assist in reconciling the many losses you have experienced and empower you to reinvest in life.


Why should you utilize the Grief Recovery Method?

Clients are provided a comprehensive approach and awareness regarding the influence of trauma on holistic functioning and wellbeing. As a direct result of participating in the Grief Recovery Method, and applying the principles and techniques learned within the first three sessions, clients should make notable progress, feel empowered and internalize coping strategies to address and ameliorate issues related to their grief. 

Who is your Grief Recovery Specialist?

Elta Ampadu is on a life-saving mission to help people release the emotional pain that is holding them back from maximizing their true potential. Elta is a Licensed Master Level Mental Health Therapist and an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Elta specializes in Grief Recovery and helping people understand the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). With over 14 years of diversified clinical mental health experience, Elta has a multifaceted background specializing in Child and Family Welfare, Rehabilitative Counseling, Hospice Bereavement, Clinical Managed Care Case Management, in addition to serving as a Youth Treatment Specialist. Elta, has also served within the medical realm as a Dialysis Social Worker and Hospital Mental Health Therapist.


Why did I become a Grief Recovery Specialist?

“As an experienced licensed mental health clinician, facilitating numerous individual and group therapy sessions, I have never been completely satisfied that I was fully meeting the needs of clients served. Although my clients were pleased with the services rendered, I observed that the therapeutic strategies being provided did not sustain my clients in recovery and they would often return in crisis in need of additional support. The inability for clients to fully ameliorate their challenges resulted in the observation that traditional therapeutic modalities alone were no longer effective in addressing the depth and magnitude of trauma clients were experiencing. Due to this sense of ineptitude, I resolved to no longer provide intensive individual therapy.

However, a faith-based community organization requested that I facilitate a grief group for their congregants. At the conclusion of the group, participants had a greater awareness of the influence of grief on their lives and this enlightenment resulted in participants desiring to make notable changes in their personal lives. This encounter prompted me to reflect and seek resources on how best to serve my clients.

I began to research effective resources and I discovered the Grief Recovery Method. Through much determination and motivation to learn, I successfully completed the certification with the intent to help others. However, throughout the process, I myself discovered that I had an array of losses that I needed to work on. I was able to successfully utilize The Grief Recovery Method to address personal grief issues such as:

  • The death of my grandfather
  • Loss of trust and safety
  • Frequent moves
  • Health
  • Career

Although as an experienced clinician, I did not realize the effect of the many losses I’ve experienced and some I was not even aware of had impacted me until I completed the program. Now with this keen newfound awareness, I have dedicated my career to solely assist clients in addressing their trauma and learning from their grief/loss issues. The Grief Recovery Program is truly beneficial in helping clients therapeutically embrace their past, move beyond their trauma and live a fulfilling and optimal life. 

I am committed to helping individuals heal and create a safe judgment free environment for healing.


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For those who do not have access to a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in their area, or prefer on-line meetings, this format is extremely effective. These specialists have been carefully selected and specifically trained to offer Grief Recovery Method Support in this setting over a secured network.

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This program is for those who prefer to work face to face with a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist 1-on-1, rather than in a group setting. This 7-meeting format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs in a more private setting.

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Elta Ampadu, LMSW


Fort Lauderdale, FL

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