Jennifer Hertberg, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Jennifer Hertberg is a multi-passionate and multi-talented young professional from Las Vegas, Nevada.  She received her Bachelor's Degree in Music - Vocal Performance from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California in 2013, her Grief Recovery Specialist certification from the Grief Recovery Institute in 2015, and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Business Administration with a Leadership focus from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Jennifer found the Grief Recovery Method in 2014 after experiencing many personal losses including sex trafficking, childhood emotional abuse, financial hardship, a life-threatening car accident, chronic sports injuries, and numerous moves resulting from growing up an Air Force Brat.  She is a speaker and activist against human trafficking, a grateful and passionate Orthodox Christian, lover of salsa/swing dancing, bookworm, cat Mom, and Aunt to two beautiful young ladies.  

Jennifer moved back to her hometown of Las Vegas in 2017 after contracting Mononucleosis in order to recover and get back on her feet.  Shortly thereafter, the Las Vegas community was devastated by the senseless acts of the October 1st Mandalay Bay shooting, which left 58 dead and over 500 wounded.  Three months later, her relationship of 22 months ended suddenly, leaving Jennifer heartbroken.  She has since used the tools of the Grief Recovery Method to bounce back from these losses and is very excited to bring her Uprooting Grief practice to her beloved Las Vegas community.

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Jennifer Hertberg, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


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