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Robin Heart Suttin is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

When I first heard about the Grief Recovery Method, I wasn't fully aware of just how much unresolved emotional pain I had been carrying around in my life - for years! After several romantic breakups, I did eventually get married. I thought on my wedding day that I would finally be freed from all of the pain from my past, yet I hadn't worked through any of it so I ended up carrying it all right into my marriage. It didn't take long before there was a huge wall between me and my husband. All of my past loss of trust issues and feelings of insecurity came to the surface and I was living in an emotional jail. I couldn't open my heart fully because I lived in fear of getting hurt again.

During our second year of marriage, I had an emergency surgery that left me totally heartbroken. My dream of one day holding the baby I had always dreamed of holding in my arms came to an end. It was final. I would never conceive. It was the death of my hopes and dreams for the life I had always envisioned. While recovering from surgery, my husband was helping me to walk down the hospital hallway when we passed a young couple with their beautiful newborn baby. I glanced at their precious little bundle of joy and then I looked up at the parents and managed to exchange a slight smile with them before quickly dropping my head just in time for the tears to silently stream down my face. My husband, who is quite tall, didn't even know that I was crying. I didn't want him to know. I didn't want anyone to know the depths of my heartache. Instead, I stayed busy pursuing a "successful" career teaching English as a foreign language to distract myself from the pain.

While teaching an English course to adult professionals in Krakow, Poland, two of my students experienced devastating losses. During their private English lessons with me they wanted to talk about their loved ones who had died. While listening, the seed was planted in my heart to learn more about grief and how to support those who were grieving. My search led me to the Grief Recovery Institute. Though I signed up for my training because I wanted to learn how to help others to heal their broken hearts, I soon discovered that my own heart was also desperately in need of emotional healing. I learned how to grieve my own personal losses and I learned how to work through the pain attached to the broken places in my heart that I had been too afraid to look at. The wall around my heart finally came down and I felt like I had lost 100 pounds of emotional weight. 

In 2015 I became a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and in 2018 I received additional training to become an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist which allows me to teach Grief Recovery Method programs online to participants all over the U.S. and internationally too!

I have experience working with individuals who have come to me because of: 

- Death of a parent

- Death of a partner

- Death of a loved one to suicide

- Divorce

- Romantic breakups

- Family estrangements

- Childhood trauma

- Strained relationships with parents, siblings, in-laws

- Miscarriages and infertility

- Dissatisfaction in life

- Moving to a new country

- Pet Loss

A few years ago a very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and I had the gift of spending time with him and his family while he was recovering from surgery. I will always treasure the moments I spent with him before he died. I'm so grateful that I have been able to use the tools of GRM to process my feelings as I reflected on all the things I wished had been different, better or more.

I love the work I get to do! I love seeing participants experience their own emotional healing and transformation through using the tools of the Grief Recovery Method.

"Following the death of my partner, I didn't think there would ever be a way for me to address my pain. Robin created a space where I could feel safe and supported to heal, and heal I did. While I enjoyed the process, I was skeptical about it actually working. ...By the final session, I was different. I feel safer and more present in my life and practice. I feel grounded and complete and for this I am eternally grateful. " - Eve

"I think it's really powerful to have a specialist who has gone through the course and the grief recovery process herself. I don't think that had I just read the book on my own, that I would have been able to first of all push myself through doing all of the assignments and completing things. The grief recovery program sets you up for success. I feel more forgiving of myself for things I just didn't know." - Sandra  

“Having a method and the tools to work through things from my past and to know how to deal with things in my future is huge for me.” - Carol

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Our support groups offer a safe, evidence-based environment for grievers to take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss experienced. These groups are led by Grief Recovery Method Specialists, trained and certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

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This program is for those who prefer to work face to face with a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist 1-on-1, rather than in a group setting. This 7-meeting format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs in a more private setting.

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For those who do not have access to a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in their area, or prefer on-line meetings, this format is extremely effective. These specialists have been carefully selected and specifically trained to offer Grief Recovery Method Support in this setting over a secured network.

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Robin Heart Suttin


Fort Worth, TX