Gwen Russo

Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist® - Trainer

Gwen's introduction to GRM began back in 2017. Having walked away from a successful 17 year career as a NYS licensed Speech-Language Pathologist she realized her true passion to be helping those who had experienced loss. Halfway through her GRM certification class, she realized she had found her life's work. Gwen continued to advance in her GRM skills both personally and professionally and was eventually invited to become a GRM Trainer. About one year after being certified, Gwen experienced the sudden and tragic death of her brother. The gratitude for having GRM in her life and for her family is inexplicable.

Gwen lives on Long Island, NY and has a thriving private practice working with adults, individually and in groups. Gwen is also an Interfaith Minister and Certified Professional Life Coach. Gwen is a speaker and presenter and facilitates workshops for other professionals and organizations to help educate them on the topic of grief.

Gwen's heart is especially sensitive and open to those experiencing loss around substance use disorder and works closely with addiction treatment centers and nonprofit organizations to help educate their staff and work directly with families and those afflicted with substance use disorder.