Can I get continuing education credit?

  • This program may be used for continuing education credit for members of the Association of Professional Chaplains.
  • The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is approved for Veteran’s Education Benefits. Click here for more information
  • The 4-Day Foundational Certification Training has been approved for CEU's through CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals) - 2N-105-818-0325


How long does it take to master the techniques taught in The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training?

As in all other things, what you practice is what you get good at. It would be unreasonable to say that we can make you an expert in four days. But, we’ll lay down a very solid foundation that will allow you to become proficient very quickly.


What does it mean to be certified?

You are certified by the Grief Recovery Institute®, an educational provider. This means that as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist by the Grief Recovery Institute®, you are affiliated with our almost 50 years of experience, our reputation, and our intellectual properties. You will be given all the tools and materials to run a 8-week Grief Recovery Method support group and/or 12-week outreach program group and/or a 7 session one-on-one program. You will also receive a program called Helping Children with Loss (this is for the parents and care takers of children who have suffered a loss) and our Pet Loss program.


Is the process primarily for groups or individuals?

Isolation is one of the primary problems for most grievers. In general, The Grief Recovery Method works best in a group format. However, some grievers will not or cannot participate in a group setting. We’ll teach you the Grief Recovery skills to help in both, a one-on-one and/or group setting.


Must I be a professional to become certified?

No. Since grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, and since The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is educational rather than therapeutic, all that is required is a loving heart and a genuine desire to help grieving people. While many of our Certified personnel are licensed mental health professionals, many come from other areas, such as the funeral and cemetery industries and the clergy. Those who are not in the mental health arena often create a referral list of mental health professionals in their community for situations that are outside the range of The Grief Recovery Method. Many therapists throughout the country refer clients to our Certified Grief Recovery Specialists® who are not mental health professionals. These therapists observe wonderful changes in their clients’ ability to move forward in therapy after completing the Outreach Program.


When and how will I receive the documentation for my continuing education units?

Expect your certificate approximately a week to ten days following the conclusion of your training.


Is there a contractual relationship within the Certification process?

Yes. An annually renewed license and service agreement allows you to affiliate with the Institute and use the intellectual properties protected by copyright law.


Can I set my own fees or do you have guidelines?

The fees you charge for any of the in-person programs are at your discretion and are generally based on what is typical in your community for a parallel service. We have nothing to do with your fees but we are here to advise you if you need guidance.

While we dont have any requirements regarding the fees for your in-person work, we do suggest that you always charge something, if possible. It increases a participants' investment and may help increase their commitment and continuation in the program.

We do have recommended minimum fees for any of your Online work (once you complete the Online Capabilities Training) to help establish more consistency among Grief Recovery Method Specialists, since geography and local socioeconomic factors don't pertain to working online.


Is there a relationship between The Grief Recovery Method and drug and alcohol treatment?

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and most other valid sources allude to the underlying causes that affect and limit attempts at sobriety. Underlying causes can invariably be classified as grief and loss issues. We do believe that the presenting issue must be dealt with first, but as soon as possible thereafter The Grief Recovery Method can be introduced.


What kind of support can I expect from The Grief Recovery Institute® after I’m certified?

You have access to almost unlimited support from the Institute. During the training, we’ll instruct you in the best methods of responding to your griever’s questions. When you’re not sure of the answer, please call us for assistance. With more than 46 years of cumulative experience, there is almost no set of circumstances that we have not dealt with. There is no fee for this continuing service.


Do I need to read any of the books before the training?

No, you dont need to read them before the Training. After completing the Certification training you will receive a copy of all 5 of our books as part of your training materials and we suggest reading them first thing after training.



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