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The Grief Recovery Method is an Evidence Based Program

We, at the Grief Recovery Institute, are proud to say that research conducted by Kent State University has shown that The Grief Recovery Method approach to helping grievers deal with the pain of emotional loss in any relationship is “Evidence Based” and effective. We are also proud to say that our program is the only Grief Support Program to have received this distinction of being evidence based! Learn More.

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Emotional Pain from Loss is a Universal Human Experience

Grief is a universal experience no matter where you live, which is why the Grief Recovery Institute offers emotional support programs around the globe. Emotional pain from loss is something that unites us all, regardless of where you live on the planet. We support and provide services to people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, career, or political views in countries all over the world.


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If you found yourself here, there is a high probability that you, or someone you love is suffering from a broken heart. Is it due to a death, divorce or another major loss? If so you might feel sad, distracted, or confused. You are not alone. The Grief Recovery Method has been helping people feel better following a loss for 40 years. Below you can learn about our different Grief Recovery formats.

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The Grief Recovery Method® is the most comprehensive Grief Recovery education and certification you will find. People come to us not only to help others, but because their lives were devastated by personal loss. Having gone through grief, they know how hard it can be and want to help others who are also grieving.

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The Grief Recovery Method Support Group, developed and refined over the past 30 years, teaches you how to recover from loss with supportive guidance every step of the way.

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