Jocelyn Jackson

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® - Trainer
Upon completion of her Grief Recovery Certification training in 2009,
Jocelyn realized that she now had the tools to match her passion for
helping people deal with the grief that was draining their energy and
restricting their life choices. She harnessed her own renewed energy into
helping grieving people in groups and one-on-one, which helped her realize
that she wanted to become a trainer-of-the-trainers.
With the same kind of focus that helped her earn Bachelor's degrees in
Political Science and Spanish, and her Master’s in Dramatic Art, she threw
herself into the delivery of Grief Recovery Method programs. She showed up
at the Grief Recovery Institute office in Sherman Oaks on a regular basis
and continued to learn from Russell as she was leading groups.  Seeing the
positive results from the people she helped encouraged her to do more and
In addition to delivering Grief Recovery Method Certification
trainings, Jocelyn is active in her church and the community at large.
She is passionate about reaching out to other singles through her blogspot
that focuses on situations unique to the single life. She also travels to
Uganda each year to partner with organizations that house and train
orphans and widows. It's her dream to do a European tour and travel to
France, Italy, Spain and Greece.