John W. James

John W. James
John W. James founded the Grief Recovery Institute forty years ago as the result
of being unable to find the resources he needed to assist him in dealing with the
overwhelming grief he was experiencing from the death of his own infant son.
Since that time, the Institute has grown to include Affiliates located in Mexico,
England, Sweden, Australia, Hungary, and Africa. To this day, the
Institute’s mission remains to deliver grief recovery assistance to the largest
number of people in the shortest amount of time.
Even though retired, John remains internationally recognized as one of the
foremost authorities on grief and grief recovery. He has co-authored multiple
benchmark publications on the topic of recovery from loss: The Grief Recovery
Handbook, When Children Grieve, Moving On, Moving Beyond Loss, and The
Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss. In addition to his writings, he has
delivered guest lectures, workshops, and programs worldwide, as well as
advocating for veterans and military personnel on bases all over the country.