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Grief Help Guide: What does The Grief Recovery Method offer?

When searching for grief help, you have more options now than ever. In this blog, we'll describe all the options that we provide here at The Grief Recovery Institute. Our organziation was founded by John W. James, who found no assistance when he and his wife suffered the tragic loss of their 3 day old son. Our mission is to ensure that someone is there for you following a significant emotional loss.



The Grief Help Guide:

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Option #1: Our books

The Grief Recovery Handbook is the gold standard when it comes to giving you specific tools on how to heal your heart following a loss. With over 500,000 copies in print, this book has helped thousands of people across the world. We have also published, When Children Grieve (Helping children with loss) and Moving On (Written to help people going through a divorce or a break-up). For more information on all of our books, we suggest you read Grief Books: The 5 best books ever written on Grief Recovery.


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Option #2: Find a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in your area

This is considered among many to be the absolute best route to go if you're suffering from a loss. Our Certified Grief Recovery Specialists lead both group and 1-on-1 programs that take you through the actions of The Grief Recovery Method. We have specialists on almost every continent who have been through our intensive training, ensuring their expertise at helping others through grief.

Click here to find a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in your area!

Here is a video playlist with reviews from real people who have worked with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in their community:




Option #3: Take our 4-day Grief Recovery Method Certification Training in a city near you

This life changing 4-day training is both experiential and educational. You will work on a personal loss using The Grief Recovery Method while also training to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. You will learn exactly how to lead others through The Grief Recovery Method. If you would like more information on getting certified to help others, please schedule a free consultation call with us by clicking here.

Watch this video to learn more about what our training is all about:




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I'm very interested in being in a grief recovery group but no one is certified in the Boise area. However, I do see that you have a class coming to Boise soon. Can you give my name to the people who are starting groups in the area?

I'd obviously love to attend the training but can't afford it.


HI Carin,

Thanks for your note. I found one of our very experienced Specialists in Boise who's not registered on our Finder [she will be soon]. Her name is Sherrie Kvamme and her phone is 541-893-6315. She knows you may call and she's more than glad to talk to you.

Warm regards,


The reason I went through the training and run the 12-week sessions (and individual sessions) is simply it's the best I have found anywhere. As a pastoral counselor and chaplain, this provides exactly what is needed to recover from the pain brought on by loss. I have a growing number of past participants who would attest to that.

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