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The Many Names for Grief

exploring how others try to define grief

To say that people are uncomfortable with grief is an understatement!

Sit back, for a moment, and think about the times in your life when you were feeling sad and tried to share how you were feeling with others. You may have had a few occasions where a friend or family member would simply listen, without analysis, criticism or judgment. More often than not, however, you likely had that person try to give you seemingly logical reasons not to feel bad, tell you about someone else that they thought had an even worse situation or told you that you “need to get over it!”

While those that listened allowed you to express and even release some of that emotional pain, did the others, who tried to talk you out of that pain help you feel better on any level? The chances are that you walked away from the latter experience with a feeling that no one really understood (or even cared to understand) the true emotional pain of your broken heart.

Worse yet, they may have offered you a label for your pain, such as “complicated grief,” “cumulative grief” or even elements of “post-traumatic stress disorder,” to name but a very few. The sad thing is that in offering you a label, they have simply branded your grief, rather than offering you an effective mechanism for moving out from under that cloud that was hanging over your heart. Sadly, these labels often leave people feeling powerless to take any recovery action, rather than helping them on any level.

definition of grief normal and natural reaction to loss

Most of us have very little formal education on how to handle grief. Most of what we learned as children was gathered from watching how the adults around us tried to deal with their pain of emotional loss. Since they, likewise, had no formal education concerning how to deal with their grief, they were struggling as well. In many cases, they tried to cope by burying that pain in their heart and never talking about it. That did not make the pain go away, rather it just took away from them the ability to truly feel happy.

There is a better answer to this problem that impacts everyone. That is the focus of The Grief Recovery Institute and The Grief Recovery Method. Our goal is to assist people in taking effective action to recover from the emotional pain of loss. This simple concept that recovery is even a possibility is something that most people do not realize is available to them. Best of all, taking this action does not require years of intensive therapy, but can be accomplished in very short order with the tools spelled out in “The Grief Recovery Handbook.” Unlike most other books on grief and loss, this book speaks to your heart, rather than your head: in essence, it is a roadmap to taking recovery action that can work for everyone, no matter the loss they experienced.

Rather than simply telling you to buy this book or to look for a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist to assist you on this journey, we have created an E-Book, that you can read for free that talks about grief, the many labels given to it, and how to effectively take recovery action. “Exploring How Others Try To Define Grief” is available to you by just clicking on the title.

Please do not let unresolved grief take away the possibility of true joy in your life! Most of us have no concept of the power it holds over us, because we have lived with it for so long. When I first became involved with the Grief Recovery Method, it was with the thought of helping others. It was not until I really started reading “The Grief Recovery Handbook,” and doing the recovery work that I hoped to use to help others, that I began to see how my own personal grief, that I had always downplayed, was impacting my ability to find joy in my life and those around me. I took those steps over 35 years ago and they made an enormous difference in my life. Please take a little time out of your day to read this E-Book and learn how it can make a difference for you and those you love.

It is never too late to take recovery action.


exploring how others try to define grief

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