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Get Rid of Regret in the New Year

get rid of regret in the new year grief loss

Do you find yourself reflecting on your life as the new year approaches? 


I don’t know about you, but Christmas carols and Auld Lang Syne always makes me reminiscent of the past. New Year’s Resolutions make me think about areas where I could improve or things I wish I had done better.


Is it the same for you?


Maybe you’re thinking about relationships that didn’t end the way you wanted, or things you wish you would have said to someone when you had the opportunity to do so. Maybe you feel regret over things you wish would have ended differently, better or more. 


Things like,


  • I wish I told him that I loved him.
  • I never thanked her for always making my favorite meal on my birthday.
  • I wish she would have started cancer treatment sooner.
  • I wish I could take back what I said.
  • We should have gone on vacations.
  • I wish I was more present when we were together.
  • We should have taken that vacation before she died.


The problem with regret is that it keeps you out of the moment and it robs you of joy.


Regretting things you wish you’d said or done can stay with you for a long time, and limit your capacity for happiness. Sadly, it can impact your current and future relationships as well.


Here’s an example. Years ago I dated someone that died. The last time we spoke he said he was going hiking. I told him he was an idiot because there was a severe rainstorm at the time. He ended up dying on that hike. Boy oh boy, did I regret not telling him I loved him on that last call rather than making a sarcastic commentl. 


Have you had a similar experience? It might not be the last thing you said before a person died, but could be any situation that you wish would have been different.


That feeling of regret can be devastating. Making it worse, is not knowing what to do about it.


Were you taught how to deal with regret? 


Most of us weren’t. Instead we were given tools that don’t work. Tools like stuffing your feelings and being strong. The problem with stuffing your feelings is that you never get any freedom. 


taught to acquire loss grief recovery method

What’s the solution?


The Grief Recovery Method was designed to help you deal with regret. Through your willingness and courage, you’ll be guided step-by-step to find the relationships with the most unfinished business and identify your regrets. Does it require courage? YES! But the freedom you’ll feel will be worth it.


Just imagine,


  • Enjoying happy memories without pain.
  • Not beating yourself up for the past.
  • Being more present for the people in your life.
  • And getting better at limiting future regrets.


There is no bad time to get complete with the past, and what better time than the new year?


Wondering where to start?


Great question!


Our 60-Day Emotional Healing Course will help you move forward in your life whether you regret something in a relationship that was recent or a long time ago. You’ll learn the tools to process your feelings surrounding grief and start feeling happy and whole again.


The 60-Day Emotional Healing Course will help you find the healing and peace you're looking for!

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