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Are You the Parent You Wish You Had?

are you the parent you wish you had grief loss

You’re an awesome parent and want what’s best for your kids. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise! At the same time, there are probably a few things that your parents put in your belief system that might not be serving you and your family.



It’s common to have at least a few things that you wish would have been different during your childhood! 




  • More time with your parents
  • More structure
  • Less strict
  • Less overbearing 
  • More affection
  • Protection from abuse 
  • Weren’t late all the time
  • Weren’t so punctual
  • Raised with better nutrition 
  • Dealing with explosive anger
  • People pleasing
  • Alcoholic behavior


The list can go on and on.


You might have even said, 


“I’m turning into my mom!”

“I sound just like my dad!”


Not to say that being like your parents is all bad, but there might be a couple beliefs or habits that you haven’t considered that you might not want to pass on to your kids. 


Have you ever stopped to think about which of your beliefs and behaviors are your and what are your parents?


Most people haven’t even considered it! 


Well, guess what?




The Grief Recovery Method helps moms and dads just like you to identify the old ideas in their belief systems that no longer serve them, to help them become the parents they wish they had. 


In fact, one of the main things people discover in our seminars, sessions and books is the amount of baggage they are carrying from their childhoods that affect their lives today. 


Today is the day to look at those old beliefs. Don’t wait!


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