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How to Be a Better Friend

how to be a better friend grief loss

Ever lost a friend?


  • Maybe you had a falling out, so don’t talk anymore.


  • Maybe you grew apart.


  • Maybe you lost contact and don’t know how to reach him or her.


No matter what the reason, it can be painful when friendships change or end. 


At this point you might be thinking, “Okay, but what does losing a friendship have to do with Grief Recovery”?


Well, when it comes to grief, most people think about death and divorce, so they might not think to work on the emotional pain of losing a living relationship. It might not be a physical death, but think about it. Didn’t the friendship die?


When that happens you are usually left with a whole host of feelings, unmet hopes, and things you resent and/or wish you could have done differently.


Not only that, but you can carry that baggage into other relationships. 


  • You might become less willing to open your heart. 


  • You might be less willing to get close. 


  • You might be less willing to even pursue friendships on a deeper level.  


I get it, I’ve worn a coat of armor because I don’t want to get hurt again. At the same time, isn’t being closed off hurting you from living a better quality of life?


Since no one can book on the friendship coming back, there has to be another way to heal, so you can move forward and be available to other people in a deep and meaningful way.


That’s where The Grief Recovery Method comes in. It works on living relationships too! 


  • Heartbroken that you and your siblings aren’t as close in adulthood?


  • Crushed that your parents didn’t show up for you as you wish they would have when you were young?


  • In emotional pain because your adult children aren’t available for you?


The Grief Recovery Method will not only help you feel complete with the relationship you work on, but all of your other relationships. Unresolved emotional pain is cumulative and cumulatively negative. You can break the pattern!


Learn more about our programs today and get started on the road to recovery! 










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