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Sad news from the Grief Recovery family...

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To the entire Grief Recovery Family, It is with a heavy heart that I reach out to you today to let you know that my father’s cancer has returned. He has asked that I share these parting thoughts with you and that you keep him in your prayers in the weeks to come.


Dear Friends, 

As I reflect on my life and its purpose, it is important that I tell you how I feel about each and every one of you… When you first reached out to us at the Institute, some of you over thirty-five years ago and most of you in the darkest moments of your lives, I felt honored that you would take such a risk and consider letting us help you create a safe space in which to learn to help yourselves feel better. 

Your decision to move forward and allow yourself to be vulnerable and do your own personal work using the Method filled me with hope. As you continued with your emotional healing, your choices confirmed my belief that each of you had the strength and the tools with which to experience the “ups and downs” of your lives in a healthier manner. 

When each of you became certified as Specialists in the Grief Recovery Method, I felt a continued sense of immense gratitude for the courage, compassion, and empathy that you expressed in choosing to fulfill our Mission Statement and thus help others find hope in their journeys forward. I cannot thank you enough for being you. 

In closing, I leave you with these thoughts… Take a few moments each day to Sit in the sunshine, listen to the birds, stare at the stars Embrace your feelings…your tears, your laughter, your serenity Tell those close to you that you love them and, if you can, give them a huge hug 


Thank you, I love you…. Good bye, John









John, thank you for your YES to your life's journey, work, passion, family, friends, and the Institute.
When you "cross over", I hope it involves re-union with those who loved you and went ahead.... (including Russell).
Your LEGACY will keep healing us, and those we share the "method" with.

Jeff Archambeault, Near North Ontario
(now with Alumni become Specialists as we Team-roll it out.... next month, new hospice will host our programme!)

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