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Ignoring Pain Won't Make it Go Away

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Do you have a physical ailment that seems like it will never go away, so you live with the pain?


Just like trying to push past physical pain, we often ignore lingering emotional pain.


Years ago I had an agonizing foot injury. My doctor recommended that we numb the injury by using cortisone injections and wearing solid boots. That didn’t make much sense to me because I wanted to go back to hiking and hunting and knew that wouldn’t be possible unless I fully recovered. 


Isn’t the advice I received to numb my foot similar to the advice we receive about grief and trauma? 


Well meaning friends and family suggest we numb our heartache with things like alcohol and food. When the pain gets too much to bear we try to anesthetize with drugs, scrolling social media, and other obsessions.


Ultimately, I found a way to heal by wearing barefoot shoes and strengthening my feet. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. It was uncomfortable. I had to change habits I had always known. I had to have faith that it would work. 


What if learning new habits and using different tools could heal your emotional pain? 


What if doing so meant a more fulfilling life - a life where you are more connected to others and less traumatized by your past? 



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