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How Do You Deal With Past Grief?

Lois Hall Public Health Grief Recovery

Meet Grief Recovery Specialist Lois Hall, who shares her inspiring childhood story and journey to becoming a historic figure in the US Health Department. 


Lois Hall’s career has been in the field of Public Health, having held several positions with the Ohio Department of Health, and serving as the Executive Director of the Ohio Public Health Association. Working with those going through HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other diseases – and their families and loved ones – Lois’ interest in grief began from that perspective. Meeting John W. James, Founder of the Grief Recovery Institute, during that time changed Lois’ life and career trajectory. 



Lois was trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist by John in 1998 and she began providing the community programs at that time. In 2001 she was invited to become a Grief Recovery Institute trainer. In 2016 Lois began assisting in providing technical assistance to Specialists across the US, and in helping with various quality assurance/improvement projects, research activities, and other projects as assigned. She joined the ranks of the Advanced Specialists in 2018.



Basically, if you want to know more about healing from heartache, this is a discussion that you don’t want to miss!


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