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Intagible Losses: Loss of Trust, Safety and Security

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Have you heard the phrases “tangible” and “intangible” loss? 

Tangible losses are experiences that are easily seen, like death, breakups or bankruptcy. Intangible losses are experiences that often go unnoticed such as loss of trust, safety, security, and control.


Tangible and intangible losses are both painful. 


Have you ever experienced a loss that isn’t typically considered one, but it left you feeling just as heartbroken? 


Maybe it was a dream that didn't come true, an estranged relationship with a family member, or the loss of your career. 


Imagine a man who dreamed of having children, only to find out he is unable. Or a woman who never knew her father; left wondering about the relationship she missed out on. And let's not forget those who have experienced abuse or assault, living with emotional scars. These are real losses that deserve recognition and support. 


In times of tragedy and uncertainty, it's common to feel a loss of trust, safety, control, and security. Whether it's from global events like war, fear about elections, or personal experiences like bankruptcy or abuse, the impact can be profound. Society doesn't always acknowledge these losses as grief, but the pain is valid and deserves to be acknowledged. 


Intangible losses can weigh heavy on your heart, limiting your capacity for happiness and the quality of your life. It's time to address these silent struggles instead of burying them inside. 


Let's recognize and validate all forms of loss, because healing starts with acknowledging it.



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Im happy being able to help people recover from grief.

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