Testimonials For Diana Curtis

5.00 Stars
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Participant in Powder Springs, Georgia
5.00 Stars

I took this class during the pandemic and social unrest with black lives matter movement and this class and coach helped me get through this difficult period by giving me the tools to manage and prioritize pain and how I hold it in my body and have how I look at relationships. I had to take the class on line and that was challenging but I got thru it. It was okay at the end of the day because I didn't have to worry about putting on makeup and clothes and I could just focus on the content of the material, the activities and most importantly my "feelings". Diana has a calm voice and was so genuine in her sharing. I enjoy the author as I listened to the book on tape and was able to really listen over and over until I got the concepts. The Grief Recovery practices just makes so much since. Thank you for developing this curriculum and most importantly for having such a wonderful specialist like DIana. Verbal Bouquet to you ALL! Ramona

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Participant in NYC, NY