Testimonials For Agnes Kowalski

4.00 Stars

Grief Recovery helped my process my loss and the history of our relationship in such a way to see both the ups and downs of our life together in balance. (The “bedevilment” vs. “enshrinement” balance was very much needed for me.) The feedback and encouragement I received from Agnes was very motivating and helped me be thorough. She also didn't chide me for being a little long if necessary. Her personal experiences shared as examples were sincere and helpful.

One-on-One Support
Participant in Forest Falls, CA
5.00 Stars

The program has helped me separate the grief from the disbelief of all the deaths that occurred in a short time. It gave me the opportunity to say the things I wanted to say and clear any guilt, regret, and resentment.

One-on-One Support
Participant in Saskatoon , SK