Testimonials For Ilana Shapiro Yahdav, MPA

5.00 Stars

After the tragic passing of my son, I found myself getting no where finding a therapist I could work with to help me heal the pain cause by my son's death. I reached out to a friend who told me he knew of a couple of resources and this was one of them. After reviewing both resources I knew this program better suited me, I was looking to work with someone 1.1 I wasn't ready for groups support yet. So I reached out and Ilana got back to me, I knew from our first meeting that this program was right for me and that she would be someone I wanted to work with. I wasn't wrong, Ilana's expertise and great knowledge of this program helped me navigate through the pain of losing my son too son. Now I am not saying that I don't miss him and that it doesn't hurt still but now I have the tools needed to help me during my everlasting grief journey. I am forever grate to Ilana and this program. Deborah C.

One-on-One Support
4.00 Stars

Helped me realize that grief is not just death. Helped realize how many losses I have incurred in my life.

Support Groups
Participant in Foster city , California