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Grief Support Groups: Different Programs with Different Goals

This is the first in a four-part series about programs that offer support for grief. Before we get to those programs, let’s start with a basic definition of grief. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. But even though that’s true, the reality is that most of what we learn about dealing with grief is not normal, not natural, and sadly, not helpful. For more understanding about the gap between the reality of grief and what we learn about dealing with it, please see our six-part blog series on the Myths of Grief.

Support for Grief: Drop-in Bereavement Groups

The most well-known of the two major types of support offered for grief is called a Bereavement Group. Those groups are typically offered by churches or synagogues, and sometimes by funeral homes or hospices. They are open to people who are dealing with a death, rather than divorce or other losses. They are generally operated on a drop-in basis, and are often facilitated by a therapist or social worker who maintains order and helps people express themselves. There are also Divorce Support Groups which focus on that loss. The need for support groups is based on the fact grieving people often feel isolated in society. They sense that many people are afraid or unwilling to talk to them, and even avoid them. They sometimes feel that others who have not experienced a parallel loss just don’t understand what they’re going through, And finally, they seek a safe, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere in which they can talk about what they’re experiencing. Those groups are usually referred to as “support groups,” and as such, provide a valuable service to grieving people who are reeling in the immediate aftermath of a major grief-producing loss.

Grief Recovery Method Support Groups: Structured Support for Grief

There are other groups that offer a different format beyond basic support. Rather than being primarily focused on providing safety to verbalize feelings about the loss, and to share problems and issues of adapting to life changes, these groups provide a structured program aimed at recovery or completion. The best known of this type is the Grief Recovery Method Support Group which uses a long-established format based on the principles and actions of The Grief Recovery Handbook. These Grief Support Groups format offers a series of small and correct actions that help grieving people discover and complete what was left emotionally unfinished for them by the death of someone important to them. Or, in the case of divorce, the death of the relationship and with it the hopes, dreams, and expectations for a future together that will not happen. The Grief Recovery Method Support Group differs from traditional bereavement support groups in several ways. One primary difference is that the Grief Recovery Method Support Group is focused exclusively on recovery from grief, rather than mainly providing a place to share feelings and ideas. Another is that the program is sequential and is presented over a period of weeks or sessions which are facilitated by Grief Recovery Method Specialists. If you’re interested in finding a Specialist in your community, click here.

Summing up:

Bereavement groups tend to have wonderful short-term value for grieving people to help them battle the sense of isolation that often accompanies their grief. Grief Recovery  Method groups help shift the focus of grievers from grief to recovery. Both are valuable. 

For additional information, we suggest you read this blog: There is Now Proof That The Grief Recovery Method Can Help.






Many grief groups provide an environment for you to verbalize the thoughts and feelings you experience following a loss. While there is a benefit to that kind of expression, it is not enough. Talking about how you feel does not complete the unfinished emotional business that is attached to a loss. The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program is designed to guide you through a series of actions to not only verbalize your feelings, but to help you complete the pain associated with those feelings. For the safety and success of all participants, commitment and attendance are essential.

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