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Can the Grief Recovery Method Heal Your Broken Heart?

can the grief recocovery method heal your broken heart

The intense heartache that follows a death, break-up, or any other kind of loss might leave you feeling like you’ll never experience happiness again. 


That was the case for me when my boyfriend died. My life changed the moment I heard the news. For weeks I couldn't eat, couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to see anyone or do anything, and I thought that the woman I once knew was gone forever.


Have you felt similar following a loss?


When you’re grieving it’s hard to feel any hope. 


Thankfully the Grief Recovery Method will help you get complete with the relationship that changed or ended and help you move past your grief. 


Does that mean you will forget the person for whom you’re grieving? No chance! It’s impossible to forget someone that was important in your life. But you will get complete. That means the things that you might wish would have ended differently, or the things you wish you would have communicated, or the expectations you might have for the future won’t cause you to be in constant pain. You’ll be able to forgive or have fond memories of the person who is no longer in your life, without that aching feeling of grief. That is if you’re also willing to do the work.


But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what people have to say about the Grief Recovery Method helping them heal.


Loss of a child

“I lost 2 daughters over 15 years ago, one on Christmas Eve and the other 12 days later. My greatest pain came from the loss of my youngest daughter Anna and the events that surrounded her passing. I was filled with so many regrets and shame because I should’ve protected her and been there when she needed me the most. I could barely visit the memory of her without crying and would rarely talk of her. For 15 years I’ve been locked in my own personal hell and no one knew not even my wife. The GRM has given me my life and my memories back and for someone reading this, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. The tools that I learned from the method will help for the rest of my life. P.S I Think about Anna all the time!”




File My story on how I used Grief Recovery following a painful divorce.


Loss of a spouse


“When my husband of 41 years passed away, I grieved very deeply for 8 years. Life had gone on, But I was stuck in my grief. I thought there was something wrong with me. IT tried everything to understand and help me, including reason so many books on grief, Seeing a psychiatrist, seeing a therapist, and many other self-inflicted measures, such as overeating, shopping, watching fantasy movies, and isolation. Nothing worked and the pain of grief was so intense that many days I just didn’t want to live. Then my therapist recommended I see someone who was a specialist in Grief Recovery. I registered for a 2-day program, being skeptical that anything could help me in that short time frame. I am glad to say that I was wrong. I have “completed” (not forgotten) my relationship with my husband. I am no longer stuck in my grief, but recovered from it.”


Multiple losses

File Stories from people who used the Grief Recovery Method with multiple painful losses.



You’re not alone if you feel stuck in your grief, scared, angry, hesitant, heartbroken, alone, or lost. It’s likely that no one taught you how to recover from loss. At most you were taught ways to avoid your feelings with activities like eating, gambling, drinking, sleeping, or shopping. Or you were given misleading advice like “put on a happy face” or “don’t feel bad”. 


The Grief Recovery Method is Evidence-Based. Learn more about that here



Our 60-Day Emotional healing Course will give you the tools you need to heal your broken heart and recover from grief.

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