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Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness

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Have you ever thought that if someone would just behave how you wanted them to that you’d be happy?


The problem with that thinking is that it makes you a victim of other people’s behavior. 




“If he was really my soulmate then he would do what I want.”

“If only my boss would show me more respect then I’d be happier at my job.”

“If my child would just stop interrupting me all the time then I wouldn’t be so stressed.”


Have you ever thought that if your husband would just remember to take out the trash or your wife would simply spend less money then you would be happy? Of course you can fill in the blank anyway you want, but if you make other people’s actions responsible for your well being then you can never be happy until they do what you want. It’s a recipe for failure. 


Wouldn't it be more empowering and freeing to know that you are responsible for your own feelings? 


When you focus on another person being the problem you miss the point. You can’t change other people. No matter how badly you want to.


Truth is, the more you work on improving yourself the happier you will be in your life, in your friendships, your marriage and your work relationships.


We produce our own feelings, here’s an example:


The same stimulus can affect two different people in two different ways. Let’s say two people get cut off by a rude driver.

One person responds by slamming on his brakes, he gets upset, so says a few choice words in his head, then goes on about his day. 

The other person honks his horn loudly, speeds up to tailgate the person who cut him off, throws up an angry hand gesture, then spends the rest of the day telling everyone he sees how horrible the experience was.  

Both people were upset, but only one carried it with him.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, but this demonstrates that you have a choice!

You probably learned that other people were responsible for your happiness when you were a kid.Where did that belief come from: parents, siblings, grandparents? 


The good news is now you are an adult, so you can change your habits and create your own belief system to have a better quality of life. 


Emotional pain and trauma is behind all the heartache and negative beliefs in your life. We all come to this world with a blank slate then accumulate misinformation and losses which hold us back as adults. We can help you identify what beliefs and relationships hurt you most. 


We have a solution to bring you emotional freedom, but it requires action. Take action and you will raise up everyone around you!




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