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Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 - 7:00pm Mountain

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Our support groups offer a safe, evidence-based environment for grievers to take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss experienced. These groups are led by Grief Recovery Method Specialists, trained and certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

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About The Format

This program can be taught once a week for 8 weeks or twice a week for 4 weeks. There are 2-3 days in between sessions if offered twice a week. Each session is approximately 2 hours long. There is reading and assignments in between sessions. New participants can join on sessions 1 or 2; after session 2 the group is closed. GRM Support Groups are not drop in style groups. All GRM programs are confidential, structured and action oriented.

A Note From The Presenter:

This is our 8-week Grief Recovery support group, online. This is a way for people who are unable to attend an in-person group to experience the same game-changing program.

Presented by:
Brian Magee

About Brian:

For 20 years I was privileged to serve as Pastor for a small rural congregation near Lethbridge Alberta. In 2007 I was faced with some significant personal loss. I moved to a new career in funeral service and became a licensed funeral director in 2011.

Part of my motivation to enter funeral service was a desire to find better solutions for the pain of loss than those I had been using. In addition to my personal need, I had a strong desire to provide truly meaningful resources to other grievers. My search led me to an amazing little book called The Grief Recovery Handbook, by John W. James and Russell Friedman. This was the beginning of a life-changing journey.


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