Cathleen Cueto, MBA, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist®

From Grieving to Healing was founded by Cathleen A. Cueto (a.k.a. Cathy). Cathy’s Grief Recovery journey began after a series of back-to-back losses, including the devastating loss of a dear mentor and father-figure, the painful break-up of a romantic relationship, and the unexpected layoff that resulted when the firm where she had worked at for over a decade was suddenly closed.

After struggling with the conflicting feelings and emotions surrounding her losses, Cathy found the tools needed to begin her recovery journey using the Grief Recovery Method® and this helped her heal her broken heart. Recognizing the value of this work, she became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® dedicating her life to helping others overcome the emotional turmoil that comes from loss and grief.

Cathy’s experience spans over 10 years as a corporate professional in the private equity industry where she spearheaded marketing, public relations, and project management operations for various portfolio companies. Before delving into the private equity realm, Cathy worked at her alma-mater, UCLA, in the Honors Program where she was responsible for leading outreach workshops and campaigns for prospective students, and managing teaching schedules, classroom logistics, and application processes for an élite group of Honors Program professors in the media/entertainment, government, and political arenas. Prior to her experience at UCLA, Cathy worked at a private recycling brokerage firm, and also spent some time teaching at a private K-12 school in Los Angeles.

Cathy’s background includes a MBA in Financial Decision Systems and Marketing Management from Loyola Marymount University, and a BA in Sociology and Education from UCLA. Cathy has a profound passion for helping and empowering women in the business world, mentoring and coaching students, and supporting minority, underserved communities. Today, Cathy and her team of Certified Grief Recovery Specialists help many individuals, groups, and organizations from all walks of life by providing a wide range of grief coaching and support services.

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Cathleen Cueto, MBA, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist®


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