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Hi, I'm Elle.

My journey with the Grief Recovery Institute ® began with the devastating loss of my brother by suicide in 2019.

After months of struggling with painful feelings of sadness, a friend introduced me to the Grief Recovery Method, and — despite my doubt that this method would work when other things had not — I experienced a profound change.

Once I took the specific actions I needed to recover from my grief, I started to feel better. Within a few weeks, I had a renewed sense of energy, hope, and purpose after completing the process.

After experiencing this transformative change, I did more grief recovery work on other losses. Eventually, I decided to become a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist. I feel fortunate to support others in reclaiming their life and joy after a loss.

My background includes working in the fields of mental health and wellness. I have a Master's in Education, with a focus on human development and counseling. After receiving my degree, I spent seven years practicing as a mental health counselor and an early childhood consultant. I also worked as a counselor with youth in the juvenile justice system and their families. Previous to getting my degree, I was a Licensed Massage Practitioner trained in deep tissue bodywork to support people healing from muscular stress and injury. In addition, for the last ten years, I have worked with various personal transformation, meditation, and healing teachers as a marketing and communication specialist.

I offer various Grief Recovery Method programs, both online and off, including 1-on-1s and groups.

Besides loss related to death, I work with those seeking to recover from the loss of friendship, marriage and family estrangements, career-related losses, health-related losses, and the grief associated with climate change.

Please get in touch if you'd like to work with me or if you have any questions about the Grief Recovery Method.

There is hope after a significant loss. I hope my story will encourage you to discover for yourself what the Grief Recovery Method can do for you.

You can learn more about the method as an evidenced-based practice here: https://www.griefrecoverymethod.com/blog/2019/05/grief-recovery-method-e...

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Online and In-Person

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This program is for people who prefer to work one-on-one rather than in a group setting. The 7-session format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs and can be completed in-person or online with a Grief Recovery Method Specialist specifically trained to help people move through loss with dignity and respect.

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Elle McSharry, M.Ed.


Spokane, WA

Phone Number

+1 509 508 1273