Filomena "Filly" Mazzone, CMSR
Filomena “Filly” Mazzone is a certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist with training to teach the Grief Recovery Method in a class setting, on a one-on-one  basis, or through an online video platform.  She spent most of her professional life working in Human Resources for several Fortune 500 companies, as well as managing her own professional recruitment firm. Her vast amount of experience connecting with diverse personalities, relationships and people has proven to be an extremly helpful skill.   Filly prides herself with always remaining loyal to her core values; Integrity, Respect and Discretion.
Personal loss has followed Filly closely throughout the years, yet she remains loving, humorous,  and willing to service others who have lost loved ones through death, break-up, life event changes, or any other loss. She understands that the way out of the pain is through it.  The Grief Recovery Method® is a powerful and successful program for you to move through the pain and on to living the rest of your life fully.  Filly is ready, able and willing to service you through your loss.  
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Filomena "Filly" Mazzone, CMSR


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