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As someone coping with a significant loss, you need and deserve to be seen, heard, and supported without judgment. I readily offer my compassion in these ways because witnessing clients transform through GRM never ceases to move and humble me.

GRM is the best tool that I have come across for helping people process grief, move forward from significant losses, and gain deeper self-awareness. In a nutshell, it is a way to experience something we all crave--more inner peace.  

In my own life, GRM has been nothing short of a gift; it facilitated healing from long-standing unresolved grief existent in familial relationships.

It is powerful, effective, and perhaps most importantly, this program is a profound catalyst for connection...And grievers need connection above all else! 

If you are looking for support to process a loss, I am just an email away: [email protected]. I look forward to listening to your story!

I am certified to serve clients remotely, as well as in-person in the Fairfield County, CT area.

If you seek more peace, please don't hesitate.... contact me if you are at all curious about GRM. 

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Online and In-Person

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This program is for people who prefer to work one-on-one rather than in a group setting. The 7-session format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs and can be completed in-person or online with a Grief Recovery Method Specialist specifically trained to help people move through loss with dignity and respect.

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Julie Blitzer


Westport, CT