Kira Pertuit, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

I was born, raised and continue to live in the beautiful state of Montana in Billings. While I love to visit big cities, my heart has been stolen by the Big Sky state. 

My grief journey begins in 2003 when my first born daughter Aspen passed away at 11 months old in a devastating burn accident. There were many modalities that I used in attempt to deal with my painful and conflicting feels caused by the death of my daughter but nothing ever seemed to help. I was stuck, I felt frozen in time while I watched the world move on without me and I needed help. Little did I know what the future held for me. 13 years after I lost my daughter, I found the Grief Recovery Method (I wish I had found this so many years earlier). This was the first time I had ever encountered a hands on approach to work through my grief. I finally felt hope, I finally had tools I could use to navigate my grief and unknowingly, I found my passsion.

Helping others rediscover their life and no longer having grief limit their capacity for happiness has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

It is my belief that no one has to walk through grief alone. After getting certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist in 2016 and bringing it back to Billings, I quickly realized that there as so many broken hearts in the world. That is why I continued my learning to become an Advanced Online Specialist, so that more help can be provided regardless of the amount of miles between us. 

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Kira is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist. She provides both online and in person Grief Recovery services. 

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Kira Pertuit, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist


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