Martina Meyer, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

I’m a Love, Life & Relationship coach. I support people who have experienced a significant loss of any kind and want to rediscover themselves: I use proven processes to teach them the tools and action steps to move beyond the pain, isolation and resignation of grief and heartbreak, to complete what’s unfinished in their relationships (past and present), and shift old outdated beliefs so that they can be free to once again create and live a life full of joy & love.


Because of my personal history with the Grief Recovery Method I am very passionate about helping others to learn and use this process: I first learned about it to help me get past the shock and all the aftermath of the suicide of my dad in 2000. It not only restored me from that grief, but also from a lifetime of secretly wishing for a different childhood, a healthier and happier dad, etc... I’ve used the GRM again to help me navigate my next big loss, my divorce in 2009: Thanks to these tools I was able to honor my marriage despite the acute pain of it’s loss, and part with my husband in the most amicable way possible (that was before the “Conscious Uncoupling” program existed, which I now also teach as it complements the Grief Recovery Method very well).


Today the Grief Recovery Method has become an organic part of my life that helps me live more wholeheartedly, “complete” and authentic in all my relationships, past and present. And I love teaching this toolkit to my clients, so they can liberate themselves as well. I provide Grief Recovery One-on-One Coaching in person and online, as well as group coaching in Alexandria VA and the DC area.

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Martina Meyer, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist


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