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Welcome & Introduction:

Thank you for caring about grief recovery for yourself or someone you love who may be struggling with changes in life.  My name is Sharon Neumann.  I am an experienced Certified Senior Program Manager and Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist® living in Traverse City, Michigan, USA.  As an Advanced GRM Specialist®, I work with grievers on-line from anywhere in the world as well as in person at my office in beautiful Traverse City.  I became a specialist because the Grief Recovery Method® provided me with such a profound inner peace in my own life that I am on a mission to help as many people as I can discover this pathway to freedom from the emotional pain normally experienced when loss or change visits our lives.   I am happy you found me so I might have the opportunity to help free you or those you care for from the pain of loss from death of a person or pet, divorce or other end to (or beginning of) a relationship, an empty nest, health changes, disability, job changes, moving, retirement, significant financial loss (or gain), and any of the other losses and changes we can experience in our lifetimes. 

Personal Background Information:

I have my own personal history with loss that includes both my parents who died of cancer and lung disease, respectively; my only brother who was tragically killed in a historic flash flood; my only sister who is quadriplegic resulting from a very rare disease in childhood; a miscarriage of my only son; and, my best friend from leukemia (I am her son's godmother).  Other loss and change challenges I've experienced include divorce, moving, job change, financial losses (and gains), sexual assault, and health challenges experienced by my own children.  Despite all these traumatic and challenging experiences, I am filled with deep joy … and a very special happiness blooms within me when my clients begin to experience joy and peace in their own hearts!

Professional Background Information:

During my early professional life, I worked for 20-plus years nationally as a paralegal specialist on thousands of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, and was often the "go to" person to support victims and surviving family members cope with their initial trauma as well as subsequent investigation and litigation processes (including preparing for and assisting during jury trials) leading to some form of recovery.  Inspired by my sister's and family experience with rare disease, I have also worked internationally as a consultant with rare disease research and patient organizations organizing special population communities and raising awareness about rare diseases and funding for patient programs.  More recently, I have enjoyed my position as bereavement coordinator in a large health care system serving 23-counties; in this role, I’ve supported more than 7,000 grievers on their journey toward reconciliation with significant change in their lives.  There are many tools professionals employ when helping grievers; however, in my experience, none is more effective in such a short period of time as the Grief Recovery Method®!  That is why I am focusing significantly more time and attention helping individuals and groups with the Grief Recovery Method®.

Invitation to Contact Me:

Are you interested in feeling better?  If so, then please allow me the privilege of helping you on your journey toward freedom from emotional pain you may be experiencing due to loss and/or changes in your life.  I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to learn more about how I will help you on your own pathway toward the peace and joy you deserve and so many have already discovered!  Please feel free to write or call at any time.  I am here for you.

Holding you and yours in loving light, always,


Sharon Neumann SPMC

Adv GRM Specialist®

955 E 8th Street, Suite 2

Traverse City, MI USA 49686


[email protected]

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This program is for those who prefer to work face to face with a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist 1-on-1, rather than in a group setting. This 7-meeting format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs in a more private setting.

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For those who do not have access to a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in their area, or prefer on-line meetings, this format is extremely effective. These specialists have been carefully selected and specifically trained to offer Grief Recovery Method Support in this setting over a secured network.

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Sharon Neumann


Traverse City, MI

Phone Number

+1 1 231 633 8384