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How does one become a grief coach?  For me, it took getting advanced certifications in Coaching, Yoga, Grief Recovery® and The Daring Way™ (developed by Brené Brown) and most recently, becoming a Death Doula. But it really all began with my cancer diagnosis and this fascination I’ve always had with the dance between life, death, and rebirth. Dark and light. Sadness and joy. Beginnings and endings. The cycles/circles of life. There is such beauty in all of it, although we’re taught to only chase the light and fear the dark – but I’ve learned it’s in bravely exploring the shadows, especially when you’re forced to by grief, where the real valuable gold mining is done. 

I’ve been told that working with me is like having that wise ‘tough love’ older sister. The one who holds you at your most vulnerable and guides you through to the other side. I’ve held the virtual hands of those who have suffered deep heartbreak, from the parents who didn’t bring their babies home from the hospital, to those who just can’t seem to get over the death of their mother. From those who are still reeling from a divorce years prior to the death of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic. No hurt is too deep. No emotions too unmentionable. I’m here, (both in Toronto, ON and online) I know the way with a proven path forward and all you need to do is bravely take the first step … reach out because I can’t see you in the dark m’love.

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This program is for people who prefer to work one-on-one rather than in a group setting. The 7-session format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs and can be completed in-person or online with a Grief Recovery Method Specialist specifically trained to help people move through loss with dignity and respect.

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Tammy Faulds, PCC


Toronto, ON, Canada