Thera Storm, LCSW

My name is Thera Storm (the "h" is silent!) I am a licensed clinical social worker in San Diego, CA. Most of my experience as a counselor and therapist is working with active duty military (Marines and Sailors) and their families. I have worked with clients who felt stuck, depressed and anxious during times of transition, grief, loss, retirement, pet loss, job and career changes and deployments. I applied grief therapy concepts, but got the sense that people still felt stuck. I began research to see what else was out there to help people move to a place of recovery and peace. I found the GRM and not only recognized the method as something that could actually work - but I applied it to my own losses and experienced recovery, completion and peace myself! I am so excited to bring this method as an 8 week recovery group and one-on-one sessions to San Diego County. Please contact me to get more information on our locations and time of our next group! I look forward to meeting you.

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Thera Storm, LCSW


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