Rebekah Lea Phelps, Author | Certified to Teach GRM

Greetings, my name is Rebekah Lea Phelps. I have been a compassionate advocate for those dying, grieving, broken hearted and wounded. I have a vision and hope for renewed life, restoration and new beginnings for the people I meet.

Through serving in hospice 8 years and a business I founded and built (being an advocate for seniors) for 11 years I helped over 100 families face the reality and overcome the frustrations of providing care to their loved ones suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and dealing with “the loss” before “the death.”

Very pro-active in my own life to heal and live.  Discovered in 2016 I had a breast and pancreatic cancerous gene and had a full mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in February 2017.

I have been helping people 1 on 1 since 2008 with Grief Recovery. After coming across something myself. It was THE BEST money and time I have ever spent on myself. I am convinced most people are not suffering from depression but unresolved GRIEF.

Grief has been a close companion for most of my life. Very grieved as a child growing up in a very dark home (the occult) until I became Christian, to the loss of both children. My son was taken when he was 4 years old, to the loss of a daughter 2 years later. She became mentally ill and suffers with paranoid schizophrenia and like many divorces. 

My emotional, physical and spiritual trauma is so vast its off the charts and I’m here, standing and joyful to testify GRIEF RECOVERY does work! There is LIFE on the other side of the tears or lack of any emotion at all.

I will be in Frostproof, Florida until the end of April 2019, then moving to Port Charlotte, Florida area. I prefer to work with groups because I know how benefical working "together" is but will also work one on one with someone grieving. 

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Rebekah Lea Phelps, Author | Certified to Teach GRM


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