Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

Personally, I have been interested In self-help/professional help since 1992, and going through the process had the impact I have been searching for. AMAZING! And beyond that, I feel so honoured that I am now able to share this gift.


I want to help people live the best life possible after a loss and the tools provide with GRM may help them get to that place in life.


The Certification training can be useful in various professional fields as loss and change are encountered in almost all professional settings. It should be required training for anyone working in an EAP ( employee assistance program) offered by most large organizations. The training offers a valuable perspective as well as an action plan on the subject of grief, what constitutes grief, and how to address grief. I feel I will be able to apply this training consistently in both my work and personal experiences.


I had taken the community group class previously and had a general knowledge of the material. Taking the certification class greatly expanded what I 'thought I knew' and how to has shown me how to share The Grief Recovery Method.


It has been my honor to take this program. It exceeded my expectations and if you are looking to be a beacon and help individuals in need of grief recovery, this is the class you definitely need. I am confident and ready to share with the world. I am forever grateful for my experience with this program. Mr. Steve Moeller was an excellent instructor, you will learn a lot and fully ready to support your community in grief recovery. Thank you Grief Recovery Institute for this experience!


My Certification training was very educational, heartfelt as well as amazing. Stephen Moeller was a very amazing instructor. He was very detailed which helped the learning process easier. I am so thankful to have found this amazing program where I am experienced emotional grief losing my brother. I feel confident in teaching other grievers the Grief Recovery Method, the skills I've learned will make a lasting impact with what I've learned through Stephen.


This training has given me a breath of fresh air concerning the myths about grief. I'm very encouraged about the new life changing knowledge and the tools I now have to use as I assist the griever to completion. My personal life will never be the same. I've learned how to process my thoughts and emotions in using the graphs as a great tool of completion. Ed Owens was amazing and helped us to be more in tune with ourselves immediately. I'm looking forward to being an active part of the GRM family. Thank you.


The content is great and drills down to whatever loss experienced, resulting in completeness. The materials and continued professional support empowers certified specialists kick-start their calling of helping those who grieve.


The Grief Recovery Method Training equipped me to provide meaningful tools to assist grievers in processing their losses and living into new life.


The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training was amazing. The instructor (Bobbi Rill) was knowledgable and kind hearted. Her years of experience lended valuable insight to the program objectives. For anyone who wants to offer value toward those who are suffering through Loss, this program is fantastic.


This work is the most profound experience that I have had in regards to the grief community. It has enriched my experience in the way I can be of assistance with others that are experiencing loss of different kinds. Words can not express the depths of awareness that this work can take a person to. It has rocked my world in great ways. I have more understanding of myself and others. What a gift this training is!


As I walked into the room I was a simply a greiver anxious to complete my four year journey after the death of my husband and anxious to be better equipped to address and talk with other grievers referred to me by neighbors and friends. What I achieved was far greater than I expected or hoped - I now have a proven method to guide me and so much support that I am confident I can not only respond to those referrals, but I now know how to build a proactive outreach to help others. Thank You Lois Hall and GRM


When I arrived at the training I was unaware I would be doing personal work, I had been "working through" domestic violence pain with my ex husband but never seemed to move forward. It was as if I was standing on the beach with these massive waves crashing around me. I was able to stand firmly until the next wave came toward me and then I would sink further. Through the GRM I was able to gain insight into foundational truths and now when the waves come which they probably will, I have a foundation to stand on. I have been set free from the weight of guilt and shame and have found joy. This weekend I received a precious gift. thank you!


The training event was inspiring, enlightening and educational in one package. It really help me see how I need to lead by example and be willing to look within myself to help uncover and discover those unfinished relationships so that I can live freely in the moment today. Who know this was about finding a new freedom.


The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training is designed to prepare people to better help others by first investing in themselves, and ensuring that everyone who has been certified has been a participant of at least one GRM class. This experiential approach is a great took for better understanding the Method, and it helped me personally with completing another significant loss in my life, which will enable me to be a more effective helper for others.


I have gone through many training programs, from becoming a spiritual director, to pastoral care and counseling which took months and years. I did this training in four days and it was completely life changing, unlike any other continuing education conference I have ever attended. Even going through a CPE residency did not effect this degree of change in how I view myself, my life and my own grief issues! Thank you from my healing soul and heart!


I really enjoyed the weekend of training. The teaching was very informative and personal which allowed us to adopt the Grief Recovery Method for our own and in the end making us even more effective facilitators. Our instructor Jocelyn was amazing! She had a complete openness to sharing her personal grief journey. Jocelyn is a great example of what it looks like to have dealt with her losses by bringing them to a resolution within herself, so that she can continue on living a fruitful and productive life even with those memories. She was very receptive to our questions and showed a true willingness to meet us where we are at in our own personal grief journey. I have recommended the Grief Recovery Method training to others. -Geoff Brabec CGRMS


Not only did I learn concepts that were new to me, but by working through the process I experienced unanticipated relief in my grief journey!


When I initially signed up for the training I admit that I had no idea what to expect. As an educator and active participant in ministry, all I knew was that I wanted to help people who were lost, confused, and hurting. I was blessed to have such a wonderful, caring instructor who challenged me to be open and honest about my own issues of grief and then trained our group how to walk through the grief recovery method as a personal testimony to the effectiveness of the program. By the end of the training, not only had I been empowered with the tools/methods to say "goodbye" to the things causing me grief, but I also formed new relationships with such an amazing, diverse group of people who came to find out more about me in a few short days than people who have known me for years. We laughed, we cried, we listened, we hugged, we "broke bread together", and we celebrated each others recovery!


I loved the training and found the concepts and material to be extremely interesting and applicable to grief recovery. Our Trainer was highly engaging, knowledgeable, professional, friendly and caring. She fostered a safe and effective learning environment where our group bonded and grew immensely from the training experience. It is impossible for me to adequately share just how powerful and beneficial this Grief Recovery Method Certification Training was for me! Thank you Grief Recovery Institute! :)


I was very impressed with this training program. I have attended many programs over the years, and this was (is) complete! Every aspect of the training, providing the most appropriate environment for learning, and getting the specialists prepared to go out and provide assistance to grievers has been completely thought through and prepared thoroughly. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wishes to either add this program to what they already provide to their clientele, as well as to those who wish to go out and create a career based solely on this training. This is the training I have been waiting for, to enable me to help others most effectively!


I'm extremely impressed with the Grief Recovery Methods effectiveness. I left the training feeling confident to move forward in helping others in their grief recovery. They have given me everything I need to succeed.


Steve is awesome!


It was a wonderful experience...hard and disturbing because of dealing with something that was beyond my reach before this training/experience. The instructor was excellent at everything she did... It was done with compassion and caring as well as holding us accountable for what we wanted out of it. I believe everyone in our group of learners went beyond what we first believed the workshop was about and what we ourselves could do. Thank you thank you thank you!!!