Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

The experience was life changing! I learned that I was grieving a loss of a close relative who is still alive. I realized, through the training, that I have been grieving the loss of this relationship for over 15 years. During this training, I was finally able to address the undiscovered grief!


The Grief Recovery Methid training exceeded my expectations. The information and tools provided will be instrumental in helping others; one person at a time. Thank you!!


This was a very positive step for me and i plan on using the information and method with future groups that have had losses.


It was a great experience, an awesome group of people. I learned many new tools for helping grievers. Susan and Ed were so kind and caring for each one of us, that I really feel secure. Thanks a lot!!


When grieving you don’t get any clear signs or notifications as you do when perhaps coming down with the flu. The GRM helped point out that there are a range of emotions and experiences that some of us can go through and that it was ok just to feel ok. Phyl did a great job in creating a safe environment for people to share whatever they wanted to share or not, which made the whole experience more worthwhile and positive. I would gladly recommend this training for anyone regardless of where you are in your experience of grief, it will benefit you and well as others you no doubt come into contact with that are experiencing the various ranges of grief.


I was hesitant to spend the money and go 4 days to a seminar since I was a griefer myself, having lost my husband of 58 years just over one year ago. I thank God that I went and learned and I was helped and now I am a specialist can help others. I highly recommend The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training.


I have experience The Grief Recovery Certification Training as powerful, not in a lightbulb way but in a more subtle way. It feels that the exercises works. During the training I was suprised by the extreme level of tiredness, however this has all dissappeared a day later. Instead I expereince a sense of strength and peace...something has released itself from me. it feels very good and leaves me with a confidence that the programme works!


Marianne Greene - French -Misionary and teacher in Mexico. I am very grateful to have been able to go through this course which I have found very enlightening, clear and helpful.I particularly appreciate how you have made it very user friendly so that one can easily follow the step by step approach and get started soon after the completion of the course! Very well done and very effective !


I was not expecting to have the opportunity to clear my own heart from years of grief but I am glad that the training helps us first so that we can better help others. I feel light, healed, and excited to be able to do the same for others. Grief Recovery is just that, Recovery! I feel like a new person and I look at grief and life differently now. My level of understanding is blown through the roof. Grief Recovery is not just the average support group, its real healing in this method. I have even changed my major in college from Nursing to Human Development and Aging so that I can continue to be of service to others. I have been fighting with my heart on rather to continue my pursuit of Nursing but I received my clarity after taking the training. Thank you again Lois Hall and The Grief Recovery Method for giving me the tools needed to change my life towards my calling and purpose!!


I attended the Grief Recovery Specialist Certification training and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight on how to work through my own grief; and how to help others find peace and strength to live the lives they were meant to live. I trust that moving forward I will not only have a more peaceful and insightful life, but I have been fortunate to come away with friendships that will continue to nourish me in every way. Sign up my friends ... you won't be disappointed. Filomena Mazzone Certified Grief Recovery Specialist November 2017


The certification training exceeded my expectations! Going through the certification training helped me to identify, cope with, and overcome the grief I locked away for far too long.


I was overwhelmed with how this process helped me. The work was difficult at times, emotional but it was sooooooooooooo worth it. I have felt lighter and more free since the class. Very different being back home in my environment I have improved so very much. So worth it and I am excited ti share it with others.


This is a training that should be started with our kids in school. Grief stops a person in their tracks. What a blessing to have tools to move myself and those I come into contact with forward. Thank You!


The 4 day Grief Recovery Specialist Training is a very in depth and organized training. I am confident after going through the training that I will be able to present the Grief Recovery Method and will be able to help many people.


Dealing with loss is hard for humans. Withnessing how hard is to grieve, the unspoken pain and the unheard cries for help determend me to find a method that works in grief. The training was extremly helpful, Right on the spot with the step by step guidence. Thanks for the essence of decades of experience in the manual. Thanks for our trainers for their Great insights and thoughtful explaining of method. Truly lifechanging to know how to complete relationships! by


I believe that I will look back and see this training as one of the most pivotal and defining moments of my life. I came to get trained to help others and instead I got what years of therapy and self help books could not do. I have peace. I am forever grateful.


The Grief Recovery Method changed my life!! The weekend training was an amazing experience....I gained a new family...


I was introduced to the Grief Recovery Method by a colleague 7 years ago. I was invited to attend when he offered "When Children Grieve" as a loss occurred in my children and grandchildrens life. I had no idea prior to attending how Recovery could occur, but I quickly found out. Although the course was to assist children and understand what they need, the concepts resonated so strongly with me and allowed me insights into my own losses in life. Once the 6 weeks was complete, it was my intention to find a way to become a Grief Recovery Specialist.... and I did. I am honourd to be able to walk beside people who have lost and lead them through the steps to heal their hearts. Thank you for this method that works!


The training was exceptional, having the trainee's complete the very exercises that they will be facilitating was an excellent teaching tool. The additional exercises for the facilitator's were also very helpful and made the entire experience real and personal. The trainer was professional, yet responsive to our needs and truly represented integrity and fidelity of the Grief Recovery Method. This program has enhanced me personally and professionally


The Grief Recovery Method training was an awesome exsprience! I come form a little island called Bermuda and I was not sure what to exspect in the training. The presenter was very knowledgeable animated and compassionate. Lois made the learning exsprience ever so easy. The people whom I met and spend the past 4 days with were amazing we will be friends for life. We created a very special family bond. The Grief Recovery Method training changed my life I am a living testimony that it really works. I love the fact that is in interactive and the most important outcome of your success is your input,effort and honestly to apply the step by step road map to Grief Recovery that is laid out before you. I have been involved in community work for over 30 years and have never exsprienced a training method that impacted my life so powerfully! I am now more empowered to help others. I am excited and look forward to taking all that I have learned over the past 4 days to help the children and families that I serve to heal and live happy and healthier lives. My tag line is “Heal the heart heal your life”! I believe I will be the first Grief Recovery Specialist in my country and I’m proud to be an alumni of such an awesome network of Grief Recovery Specialist around the world! Dr. Gina Spence


I had mixed feeling about attending this training for fear what it would have unearth in the presence of strangers. The trainer did such an excellent job in creating a safe/brave space that I freely shared. She paid attention to the dynamics of the group and facilitated opportunities for us to bond which resulted in powerful sessions.


At some time in the future I would be happy to do this. I am sporting a head cold at the moment. So I must decline for now.


The grief recovery course came to me in a series of events which took place over several years. My losses have been numerous and unrelenting and so I began the search for understanding long ago. I found the grief recovery book and read it. I even invited a lady I knew to share the book with me and do the exercises. We got as far as her doing the work but she was not at a place where she could offer me the same in return. That was my first experience with the grief recovery method. Although I was not able to work on my own recovery, I did learn a great deal from her as she shared her history and verbalized the things she wanted to say to her loved one who died. What I now know is that it is much more effective when written in a letter. I put this book aside for several years as more losses and deaths occurred in my life. I enlisted several different counselors who were not comfortable with the many losses I had and often focused on having me relive my events. I also met with those who thought if I was in touch with my body and how I breath and do self touch therapy I would learn to love and accept myself and my life better. One specialist was helpful in asking me many questions about what things I did to empower myself. But none of them offered the ultimate solution which is to face the incomplete relationship. None knew how to help me do this. It was even more challenging since of the many deaths were included our only 2 children. I decided to take one more look at the grief recovery and began this with yet another friend. It was a very different experience and was much more helpful. I knew a course could help me refine and articulate better the purpose it was meaning to have on others I may yet encounter. I called Ashley and shared with her my concern about being too overwhelming for those in the class if I were to share my losses. I was worried I would have the same reaction I'd had from the others who felt my losses were beyond their capability to help me through them. Ashley assured me that it would be fine and not to worry. I felt from the email she sent me that I could trust this process. It was mostly because of her kindness ,sincerety, and confidence in this method that I decided to follow through with the course. What I found was not only open arms and understanding for my losses and trials, I found love. I found a true spirit of love from all those who were in the class. As Ashley had followed her intuition, or Higher Guidence, to act upon, she had us perform an exercise which directly affected the impact this course had on me and as a result I was healed from the belief that my sorrows could never be understood and therefore, I could never truly fit in anywhere in this life. I am indebted to those who had gone before me with thier own losses that they might help those like myself. I am currently taking 2 people through this program and feel excited and hopeful that they might gain even the smallest part of what I have gained. Thank you John and Russel for your dogged determination to help others and thank you Ashley Mielke for trusting your inner voice Sincerely, Silvana Phillips


The Grief Recovery Training for would-be practitioners or for people who, grieving, decide to step into this for an intensive four day immersion will not be disappointed. The Training which I undertook in the UK with Carole Henderson and colleague was clear, intentional, and necessarily demanding while the frame of the work and its associated emotional bundles was held very securely and well. I emerged tired and full of a sense of having completed deeply good inner work. Thanks to all!