Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

I thought it was money well spent! Laura made me walk away believing that I have the skill and tools with the Grief Recovery Method to make a real difference in the life of so many hurting people. I am so excited!


The Grief Recovery Specialist Training was fantastic. Lois Hall is a wonderful instructor, and I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels called to help others recover from the grief they have experienced. I am very grateful for this opportunity to help others.


I came with no expectations, and left a different person. I couldn't believe that the transformation that had taken place in my heart. Thank You Grief Recovery Institute.


The Grief Recovery Method teaches the bereaved to understand grief in a natural way and gives them tools to heal their heart. Becoming a Certified Grief Recovery Specialists has been a life changing experience and I coul dnot be prouder to join this fascinating group of giving souls.


This weekend has absolutely changed my life. I was devastated by the loss of my fiancé and although I was not ready to do the work on him because this loss was so recent, I did do the work on my mother. I know feel I have the tools to move forward with several areas of life that need work. I am so excited and humbled to be able to help others learn the tools to work on their own grief. I am forever in the debt of Grief Recovery, Laura Jack(my trainer) and every soul that was in training with me in Atlanta. You have forever touched my heart and soul!!!!!


This course was invaluable to me, as by using the grief recovery methods has improved my relationship with my dad immensely!


I would recommend the Grief Recovery Specialist Certification training to any one. I learned so much about grief and myself. having just lost my husband and know how hard it is to find help with grieving. The program is very organize and flows very good.


Enriching. Life changing.


The grief recovery certification training was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to recover from grief and who may want to help others recover from their grief as well.


The training was fantastic! I learned a lot and have already started putting it into practice!


Even for a counseling professional I found this material relevant and refreshingly new! A very concise, clear, and practical approach to managing grief and emotions in order to find peace.


I have had multiple losses to which I had a hard time compartmentalizing on how each means to me. This class was so amazing to focus on each one individually and to listen to my heart on how my emotions have been playing into my life. These tools will be helpful to others that I will be meeting with as well. Grief is all around us. It is how we speak in order to heal. Thank you for an amazing training.


I have never completed a training program without questioning whether the money spent was a good investment. I am happy to have paid $2195 for this training; and I don't like paying for things. Awesome instructor!!! Knowledgeable and approachable. She helped create a wonderful environment for trainees to work (and play?).


Several year ago I went through your Grief Recovery program for a loss. Afterwards, it stayed in the back of my mind that I wanted to help others with their grief and this was the approach that I wanted to use. 2016 was my year to accomplish this. The training was amazing. Becky Rae - Houston


The Grief Recovery Method helped me to identify the multiple losses in my life that caused me to realize that the loss I thought I had to process was not the heart of the problem, it was the final straw. I was able to process events and losses that allowed me to complete the "the loss" and move forward. I was at a point where I was able to function at survival mode only, the darkness and depression were overwhelming me. I have my life and my light back, I am functional again. I've also been able to complete a loss that I was not aware was bothering me


This past workshop/getting certified Was exactly what my life's journey needed...I am a member of 12Step Recovery & look forward to sharing this additional tool for Life with that fellowship AS well as in my community...LauraJack has a gift in helping people to tap into their purpose!! I'm feeling deeply blessed going forward...ThankYou GriefRecoveryInstitue& LauraJack...&ColeJames for sharing your heart


I was pleased to find that The Grief Recovery Method is practical and easy to implement. Going into The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training, I was worried that the method would be too rigid to apply to the work I am already doing, or that it wouldn't translate when working with the populations my program serves. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tools and principles are relevant, action-oriented, and common sensical. I am also grateful to have learned the method through modeling and working on my personal losses; because I have been through it, I have no doubt that it will be deeply impactful for the people I am now able to help. Thank you!


You learn GRM by experiencing your own griefs. You don't have to loose somebody or something by death. I understood that I was one of grievers after my divorce. It was really impressive since I recover from the loads on my shoulders.


The Certification Training was not what I had expected...........and for this I am truly grateful!! :) I was prepared to start "working" and assisting clients, but one must work on self first...and I was able to "complete" grief and loss from my past that was hidden deep within my belief system. I was able to come from a place of "truth" in a safe environment, thank you for being apart of "my" life changing event both personally and professionally.


Over my life time, I have experienced many losses. The most recent was the end of a 35 year marriage through separation. This method assisted me towards the completion of my feelings of loss.


This training felt like a pyramid or ponzi scheme. I spent a lot of money and walked away with nothing learned and nothing that I can use as a professional who is legally held accountable to my professional regulatory body.


Grief Recovery Method is a great systematic approach to the grief process, creating a common page for participants to write upon, and enter and end the process uniformally with specific outcomes achieved.


Before participating the Grief Recovery Certification Training, I had long struggled with the concepts of forgiveness and compassion in my life with people that I've had painful experiences with. I had long sensed that my feelings were not being heard or honored and I had a lot of pain and anger from this. In the course of the training, the myths of forgiveness and compassion were expressed and I felt like I FINALLY had the missing pieces on how to forgive and be compassionate, in ways that honored my feelings and didn't negate my experiences. I could physically feel some of the pain I had long carried be released from my body as I worked through the Grief Recovery Method during my training process. I look forward to continuing with the process and releasing the built up resentments and grief in my life so I can be free to access more joy in my life.


It was truly a blessing to have experience this program. nothing like it and i truly understood myself more and when i was done i left with a different perspective on grief,love,expectations and the way i see life and people in it. Jean Pierre Pereat