Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

I found the recovery tools that I used during the training to be very effective. A memory that I had from almost 45 years ago that caused a lot of grief no longer holds the emotional charge. I feel that I have closure, it's wonderful.


Laura Jack is an outstanding teacher and facilitator. I have attended and taught many dozens of courses, and she is at the top as far as content transmission, speaking ability, group facilitation skillset and personality. Laura was awesome! Our group was also excellent to learn "from" and "with." The GRI training content was outstanding. The GRI program material resonates with my objective of helping others develop themselves "from the inside out" and empowering individuals with tools and techniques that help them move forward as they achieve completeness in their process of healing from their loss. Living life more fully in the present, and enjoying life again, as a result of this completion, is a natural outcome of the GRI program.


Can highly recommend Grief Recovery for self- growth and for expanding educational tools in every area of professional work. Pat O'Day


Great experience. Went in not knowing what to expect and left feeling empowered. I would recommend this training for anyone who may be considering using this information professionally or personally.


The training I received was not only helpful in my line of work but personally as well. I highly recommend this to everyone. It is a great coping tool coral major life events!!! Thank you!!! Debbie Zambito Ordained Minister/Life Coach


I recommend that everyone experience the Grief Recovery Method. This process has provided me with a new outlook on grief & loss. It is definetely a good investment! Edna Bell, Psy.D.


I loved the certification process and meeting other grievers who were serious about their recovery process. I learned so much about how to help others in a very effective format. I can't wait to use the tools I've learned.


One of the most transformative experiences I have ever for me.... every single human being should be exposed to this as a recovery method to grief....so far it is the only thing that has worked for me. I cannot help but be compelled to mention this method to individuals whom I feel would benefit greatly from it.


It was a great experience, I mean, still is. I couldn't understand so deeply how emotions con move us on or block our lives until you let them come out, be aware of them and let them go. Emotions have to do their work during a grieving process, but never should be kept inside in a negative way throughout life. The GRT is so dynamic and sensitive that everything flows so naturally...It's a "heartful" experience.


Taking this Grief Recovery Method training has empowered me on a personal level. I have gained new perspective concerning grief and gained new friends. I now have the tools to help other by using the Grief Recovery Method.


The training gave me an organisation of thoughts that I would have struggled to attain on my own. I found the `process` to be an enlightening and an unburdening experience. I recommend this programme to everyone I meet and have been transformed, thank you to ALL involved!


I did not anticipate the personal journey I would take through this training, but I am so grateful I was asked to do my own grief work in the presence of our instructor, Lois Hall, and in the presence of other like-souled individuals. I learned a great deal about myself, my journey of loss and grief, and how to help others with theirs. "This program has the potential to change the world," as one of the participants stated, and this is TRUE. Change yourself - change the world! Become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist!


I was impressed with the level of depth in this program. I got to see my relationship to grief in a whole new way and had many realizations not only while doing the action steps but also while listening to the material presented by my instructor. I would highly recommend this program.


My experience was profound. To say I am transformed is not an exaggeration. The course turned me around 180 degrees. I walked in fearful, tearful and nearly hopeless. Today, I actually had a spring in my step! My joy is back!! I am deeply grateful. Am looking forward to continuing this work and working with others. Thank you!


I would like to first state that the website was excellent and definitely helped me decide on this program versus a few others I was considering. I found this method to be both excellent for me personally and ultimately professionally. The concepts were very solid and what I liked was the ultimate simplicity of them. When working on sharing grief concepts with potentially those who haven't even ever considered what happens after a loss, I think the more simplistic and understandable the concepts are the more likely they will be received and remembered. The marketing materials and access to materials online are also what drew me to this program. My reality is that I am significantly more likely to go on to do support groups and 1:1 because I've already been introduced to the "getting started" and marketing aspects. I don't have to reinvent the wheel! The encouragement to contact our instructor and to be able to contact anyone at the Institute is fantastic. I feel supported! Thank you for the incredibly human side to this program. I am eternally grateful. Kris


I recently became certified to become a Grief Recovery Specialist. It changed my Life, I am so excited to use the knowledge and tools that were provided to me to help others with their grief. After losing my 22 year old son, Father, Mother, Best Friend Dog all within 6 years along with all the other causes of Grief, I was losing hope. I was frustrated. I, didn't know how to deal with my feelings, and was hurting more and feeling alone because I felt like it was such a taboo subject for others. After learning the material and sharing such a caring atmosphere with the group and Ed Owens our Certification Specialist I am at peace and have the tools to deal with my other areas of Grief and when other issues surface. I think this method should be taught in school at an early age. I can apply this in all aspects of my life and plan to continue to learn as much as I can. I am very excited about the Grief Recovery Method for Pet Loss. This is an area that has not been acknowledged as important by many. Thank you so much to the whole GRM Team! I walked in the door one person, and left a complete whole different one~ It's all about Love! Good Bye <3


I came in thinking I knew exactly what was going to happen because I'd worked through the book's exercises already. But when I got to the training, we dove so much deeper and realer into the material and the concepts than the first time I read the book. Super grateful to have shared space and time with all the kind souls in my group. We are so strong when we truly hear each other!


The Grief Recovery Institute training was amazing. If you are ready to have the knowledge and tools to help others recover from their loss, please sign up and attend this training. The relationships you create in the four days you re there are going to be lifelong. Get there!


The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training has got to be the best training I have invested in . Why I put it off for two years is beyond me. I have not only invested in my future,but the future of others.


I am exhausted right now, but non the less so incredibly motivated to share and serve. I feel as though I have a secret that can open the hearts of everyone. I so appreciate Bobbie and all of the people who shared their story with me! I feel like a different person already, like I have a window into the soul of many!


As someone with long-term grief I've searched for understanding and solutions over many years. The Grief Recovery Method is perhaps the most effective and comprehensive approach to regaining your balance one of life's most difficult and painful experiences that I've found.


I think probably the best testimony was when I went to work the next day after taking this course and hearing my director say to me, "You look different. You look rested." I had such a weight on me from grief. The relationship graph released a lot for me." It was intense but hugely helpful.


The certification training to become a Grief Recovery Specialist was content-rich in it's design and delivery. The workshop materials, books, marketing materials, and instructional manual are well-organized and left me feeling well-prepared to start my practice as a specialist. The Grief Recovery Method is both remarkably simple and deeply profound. Having read the material beforehand, and done the exercises on my own (without reading them aloud or sharing them in a safe community), it's clear to me that the power of the method lies in the freedom to give voice to our loss in a safe place... to have others bear witness to our lives without judgement or shame. I'm so deeply grateful that I now have the tools now to help others who are grieving find resolution and to emerge resilient.


Registering for the training was exciting. Walking into the training was a bit scary; knowing I would be sharing a loss with total strangers! It was simply amazing to me that within just hours those strangers became safe and comfortable to me. By Day Four we had become family! I'm now excited again and compelled to help others complete their losses.