Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

The packaging and message of the material presented is consistent. During the 4 days I learned more about myself; parts of my professional trajectory were confirmed, and I met some amazing human beings that I hope to continue to interact with beyond the 4 days. Everyone whether in a clinical field, ministry, or simply looking for self-check resources should invest in this process. As I always say, "What's the best that could happen" Verily Harris-Harper, MS, LPC, NCC, LAC, GRS


Absolutely. I have always been sharing my testimonial on the loss of my son by suicide. This course has made me to look into my most deepest feelings and has made me aware how to "let go so I can live" which I haven't since my lost. It has transformed me into stronger person to go out and continue my personal mission to share my story. and at the same time now offer assistance in help in their recovery and acceptance of the loss.


Mystic and powerful method. All people should try it at least once in life time.


This is an amazing training. So glad I took it. Wow!