Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

The Certification Training was not what I had expected...........and for this I am truly grateful!! :) I was prepared to start "working" and assisting clients, but one must work on self first...and I was able to "complete" grief and loss from my past that was hidden deep within my belief system. I was able to come from a place of "truth" in a safe environment, thank you for being apart of "my" life changing event both personally and professionally.


Over my life time, I have experienced many losses. The most recent was the end of a 35 year marriage through separation. This method assisted me towards the completion of my feelings of loss.


This training felt like a pyramid or ponzi scheme. I spent a lot of money and walked away with nothing learned and nothing that I can use as a professional who is legally held accountable to my professional regulatory body.


Grief Recovery Method is a great systematic approach to the grief process, creating a common page for participants to write upon, and enter and end the process uniformally with specific outcomes achieved.


Before participating the Grief Recovery Certification Training, I had long struggled with the concepts of forgiveness and compassion in my life with people that I've had painful experiences with. I had long sensed that my feelings were not being heard or honored and I had a lot of pain and anger from this. In the course of the training, the myths of forgiveness and compassion were expressed and I felt like I FINALLY had the missing pieces on how to forgive and be compassionate, in ways that honored my feelings and didn't negate my experiences. I could physically feel some of the pain I had long carried be released from my body as I worked through the Grief Recovery Method during my training process. I look forward to continuing with the process and releasing the built up resentments and grief in my life so I can be free to access more joy in my life.


It was truly a blessing to have experience this program. nothing like it and i truly understood myself more and when i was done i left with a different perspective on grief,love,expectations and the way i see life and people in it. Jean Pierre Pereat


Laura understands all too well that grief must be taught and understood by the heart and not by the intellect. She is an outstanding teacher precisely because not only does she make sure that her students learn the importance of not intellectualizing grief but teaches with an understanding and compassionate heart. Laura has that rare combination of covering an enormous amount of knowledge in a four day workshop slow enough so it is not confusing while keeping a pace that makes it fun and interesting to learn. There is no doubt in this student’s mind that Laura is doing her calling. Her teaching has touched my life. For this I am forever grateful. If you have an opportunity to attend her workshop on grief recovery, take it! You will never regret it!! Truly a magical learning experience!!!


Ashley is the most amazing facilitator. She has a true passion for Grief Recovery and speaks from the heart. She is open to self disclosure which is very powerful! I learned so much from Ashley and I am so happy I had my training facilitated by her. Having completed a loss of my own through the training I am 10x more competent do go out and do this work. Although we all have our unique experiences with loss I will be able to empathize to the challenges my clients may face while on the journey to finding completion!


This training completely blew my heart and mind wide open. The Grief Recovery Method is by far the most revolutionary way to heal grief and loss and to teach people how to successfully complete relationships and get back to living and loving life after grief and loss. Ashley is the most phenomenal trainer and truly shared not just her knowledge but her incredible heart and passion for this work. I am forever grateful to have been through the training and cannot wait to bring this to everyone that I can. This is one of the most beneficial trainings I could think of for allowing people to fully heal after loss of any kind. Thank you so much for this amazing transformation and the work you do in the world.


This program is very well put together and is easy to follow! I am looking forward to putting this program to work! The class was a very comfortable setting for all!


The training exceeded my expectations. Although mildly skeptical that this process and the course content would be much different than previous grief training I have had, I found the Grief Recovery Method to be extremely helpful and effective. Not only was a I personally able to complete a relationship during this training, I learned the skills needed to complete others. Now I am very confident that I can take this process and provide individuals and groups with the tools they need to move forward. Thank you!


I thoroughly recommend the Grief Recovery Training for anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge around bereavement and loss. This course demonstrates real tools that work.


This training was very helpful as a Bereavement Coordinator at a hospice. The concepts have strengthened my knowledge to guide others through their grief.


I loved taking the course and it had an impact on my personal losses. I look forward to helping others in the same way.


I am so pleased that I completed this certification course. Not only has the Grief Recovery Method helped me with losses in my life, I now feel equipped to reach out and help others. The instructor was not only knowledgeable, but also very passionate about teaching us how to help others recover from their losses.


The Grief recovery method gives you a new outlook on life. A new tool to use to help myself and to be better in my career. Thank you for helping me see a way to look at life positively and live in the now.


Within a hospice setting I facilitate grief support groups. For a couple of months I have been aware that I was becoming more emotional and had to take more breaks after the sessions. My own grief was rising to the surface. I had unfinished emotions attached to my former husband. I had things I still wanted to say to him. Going through the Grief Recovery Training opened my eyes to where my emotions were coming from and gave me a way to have completion. I was able to say the things I needed to be heard then I said goodbye. I had an ending finally.


I appreciated the emphasis on the process of recovery. So many times I encounter people who want a quick fix approach.


The material is solid and it helped me to move through some very old and stuck material.


This is a much needed topic in our country! It was very helpful for me. I've seen very good results from this! I can't wait to help others!


Bobbie was very well versed and welcoming in her approach to this training programme.


I'm awe struck how this very simple concept truly works to complete a loss that I've been hanging on to for 50 years. I can't wait to work on my other losses. This grief recovery method is brilliant.


This training has enriched my personal life. I have learned how to deal effectively with grief and issues in my life so that they do not burden me down. I took this training because I wish to enter the profession of helping people overcome grief. I was not aware of all that grief entailed, but, I now know that grief is not just because of a loss due to death, but, there are many other areas of loss that cause a person to grieve. I am very happy to have received this training, and, I look forward to setting up practice so that I can help others have a happier, fulfilled life.


I was apprehensive about my ability to be able to facilitate a Grief Recovery program but our trainer and the materials provided have given me the confidence to begin training people in my community.