Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

Meeting like-minded people, who share the same desire to help others and to help themselves, is a unique highlight of this experience, which aims mainly at learning more about the GRM together.


I do highly recommend the 'Grief Recovery Method' training to any one, I found the course both exciting and energising. It is indeed an action programme for moving beyond losses.


After going through the grief recovery method, I now see how unresolved grief that started when I was about six years old and continued to accumulate till the present, has impacted my choices and my health. I can now understand why I experienced those bad decisions I made over and over. I am so grateful to the Grief Recovery Institute for your time and patience in those four days to review my life's journey and simply be honest with myself and others about who I am. I look forward to helping others say goodbye to the pain they've held onto for a lifetime. Thank you again for this experience - it was awesome!!


From the beginning we were brought together as a team at the end we left as family any question instructor June Lynch could answer guiding us through the four days because of this I feel that I am so ready to share the knowledge that I was given with others grief recovery method training amazing thank you so much


Cole was a great instructor, he always included all of the participants and had us feeling safe and engaged in the training within a few hours of day one. I received far more out of the training than expected. I received healing for myself as well as tools to continue the process for me as well as help others.


Unresolved Grief is the single most challenge to enjoying a rich and fulfilled life. Grief recovery method helps us take action to experiencing peace and happiness.


The Grief recovery Specialist Certification Training is a must for everyone who works with those who are grieving or who want to help others. This is the most comprehensive grief training I have ever attended; I wish I would have attended 9 years ago! I am convinced that this is the most effective method for helping those who have suffered loss.


Whilst the team were sceptical about the training, in undertaking the experiences during the four days not only has the skills acquired been of extreme benefit to the work we undertake, but on a personal level it has allowed for buried deep troubles to be considered and work through. Thank you so much


Participating in the Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training was powerful in helping me to understand the importance of completing communication with my losses in order to move forward and have healthy relationships in the future.


The training that I received for a certified Grief recovery Method specialist, had equipped me to help others in a very professional manner. I am so glad that the the Grief Recovery Method Institute has made this training available to so many looking to become Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Beddie McGowan


The Grief Recovery Method Certification training has been the absolute greatest investment I have ever made in my life. I look forward to sharing the tools gleaned from phenomenal training, with people who are seeking a way to recover from brokenheartedness caused by grief. I highly recommend Grief Recovery Institute unequivocally as the choice place to receive training for certification in grief recovery. -Celeste Lee


This training has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. You are made to think, reflect and ultimately recover from a personal loss using all the right tools. You are then shown how to present these tools to others so that they too can move beyond their loss.


I am a master's level social worker who has been in the field for over 20 years. For many of those years, I worked as a special needs adoption case manager, dealing almost exclusively with children whose parents had lost their rights and the kids were languishing in a foster care system that does more to harm than to help. Attachment, grief, and loss were the prevailing issues. I dealt with them every day. I then became a hospice social worker/bereavement coordinator. I have been doing that job for the past 11 years. I have read many books, taken many courses, and completed multiple online CEU programs related to death, dying, loss, and bereavement; yet, I have always felt like that training, no matter how informative or enlightening it was, was somehow incomplete. It didn't seem to me to be a fully effective way of approaching grief and loss. Indeed, in my head, I've always considered loss to be at the root of most issues people deal with collectively. I've had numerous conversations related to the subject and attempted to create programs on my own - all to no sufficient avail. But, once I stepped into this training I knew that I was at home. I truly believe that hospice is my calling, that my life takes on meaning in relationship to the opportunities I have to walk with patients and families across the grief, loss, and bereavement continuum. It's a privilege I am afforded by patients and families who trust me at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. And, because of that I feel a great responsibility to come to the bedside fully prepared and 100%. I know that I only get one chance to do this and to do it right. I hope that I have never failed anyone (patient or family) in providing the type of support they need, but until I took this training I intuitively knew there had to be more. And that more, for me, is the Grief Recovery Method. I am very grateful I now have the ability to utilize this tool to help patients and families find their way through this critically important time in their lives. Its a magnificent tool - truly impressive! Although I have just completed my certification training and still have growing to do, I am very excited about the possibilities not only for me, but for our patients and families as well. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort you obviously have to develop this approach. I am certain it will bring "comfort care" to many of the folks I join along their journeys! Thank you. Thank you.


Well worth the investment, and that's exactly what it is. An investment in your own well being and your desire to help others. I saw changes daily in myself and the others in my group. Upon completion, the clarity is unreal! Thank you for making this available.


June is a very nurturing person and I think she does a fabulous job at presenting the information and teaching the workshops. I wish we would have received our books sooner, but that is my main issue out of all we were taught.


I would strongly recommend this training to anyone interested in learning how to overcome loss and move beyond grief. The training is very in-depth and you are given the tools needed to help yourself and others. After completing the training you will leave the workshop away with fewer burdens. It's an awesome feeling to know you are well prepared to deal with a future loss differently and correctly.Great program!


The Grief Recovery Model can and will provide help to every person who has/is experiencing grief. I highly recommend this training over any model that is available.


Before I attended the training I could not put into words the grief that I felt as a small child after my parents' divorce. One of the things that I especially value about the training is that it gives you the language to explain your pain and to work through it. As one who was told to swallow her pain, I now know how to value myself and my voice. I thank the Grief Recovery Institute for teaching me skills for life that I can share with others. I look forward to doing so!


I found the recovery tools that I used during the training to be very effective. A memory that I had from almost 45 years ago that caused a lot of grief no longer holds the emotional charge. I feel that I have closure, it's wonderful.


Laura Jack is an outstanding teacher and facilitator. I have attended and taught many dozens of courses, and she is at the top as far as content transmission, speaking ability, group facilitation skillset and personality. Laura was awesome! Our group was also excellent to learn "from" and "with." The GRI training content was outstanding. The GRI program material resonates with my objective of helping others develop themselves "from the inside out" and empowering individuals with tools and techniques that help them move forward as they achieve completeness in their process of healing from their loss. Living life more fully in the present, and enjoying life again, as a result of this completion, is a natural outcome of the GRI program.


Can highly recommend Grief Recovery for self- growth and for expanding educational tools in every area of professional work. Pat O'Day


Great experience. Went in not knowing what to expect and left feeling empowered. I would recommend this training for anyone who may be considering using this information professionally or personally.


The training I received was not only helpful in my line of work but personally as well. I highly recommend this to everyone. It is a great coping tool coral major life events!!! Thank you!!! Debbie Zambito Ordained Minister/Life Coach


I recommend that everyone experience the Grief Recovery Method. This process has provided me with a new outlook on grief & loss. It is definetely a good investment! Edna Bell, Psy.D.