Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

Within a hospice setting I facilitate grief support groups. For a couple of months I have been aware that I was becoming more emotional and had to take more breaks after the sessions. My own grief was rising to the surface. I had unfinished emotions attached to my former husband. I had things I still wanted to say to him. Going through the Grief Recovery Training opened my eyes to where my emotions were coming from and gave me a way to have completion. I was able to say the things I needed to be heard then I said goodbye. I had an ending finally.


I appreciated the emphasis on the process of recovery. So many times I encounter people who want a quick fix approach.


The material is solid and it helped me to move through some very old and stuck material.


This is a much needed topic in our country! It was very helpful for me. I've seen very good results from this! I can't wait to help others!


Bobbie was very well versed and welcoming in her approach to this training programme.


I'm awe struck how this very simple concept truly works to complete a loss that I've been hanging on to for 50 years. I can't wait to work on my other losses. This grief recovery method is brilliant.


This training has enriched my personal life. I have learned how to deal effectively with grief and issues in my life so that they do not burden me down. I took this training because I wish to enter the profession of helping people overcome grief. I was not aware of all that grief entailed, but, I now know that grief is not just because of a loss due to death, but, there are many other areas of loss that cause a person to grieve. I am very happy to have received this training, and, I look forward to setting up practice so that I can help others have a happier, fulfilled life.


I was apprehensive about my ability to be able to facilitate a Grief Recovery program but our trainer and the materials provided have given me the confidence to begin training people in my community.


This training cuts right through the pop-psychology of grief as we have known it, and goes right to work at the emotional level where pain begins to transform into healing. The GRM is a most beneficial process to work through. It helped every member in our group.


The training was more than I expected. Laura did a fantastic job at presenting the material. She actively listened to our concerns and always provided feedback that was supported by the Institute's philosophy. My most profound moments were identifying my STERB's. I am forever grateful for the teaching. My plans are to continue my own grief work and to introduce grief recovery to my local community. I named my first two days of training - "Grief Detox." Thank you for the tools to recover from grief and move forward with life.


The Grief Recovery Method is NOT a gimmick or Oxy-Moron. It can apply to so many different losses and a variety of situations. Most impressive to me is it's universiality (?) in it's application across race and gender and age. Thank you all.


My time at the Grief Recovery Method Certification Training Program, far exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about myself and my own personal journey of grief. It was so wonderfully presented with energy, love and compassion. Well worth the time and financial investment.


The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training equipped me with the tools and language necessary to impact my life, my family and my community. I have a greater appreciation for life.


Awesome experience, Awesome training, I walked into training on Friday with eight other strangers, I walked out Monday feeling like I was leaving my family


Meeting like-minded people, who share the same desire to help others and to help themselves, is a unique highlight of this experience, which aims mainly at learning more about the GRM together.


I do highly recommend the 'Grief Recovery Method' training to any one, I found the course both exciting and energising. It is indeed an action programme for moving beyond losses.


After going through the grief recovery method, I now see how unresolved grief that started when I was about six years old and continued to accumulate till the present, has impacted my choices and my health. I can now understand why I experienced those bad decisions I made over and over. I am so grateful to the Grief Recovery Institute for your time and patience in those four days to review my life's journey and simply be honest with myself and others about who I am. I look forward to helping others say goodbye to the pain they've held onto for a lifetime. Thank you again for this experience - it was awesome!!


From the beginning we were brought together as a team at the end we left as family any question instructor June Lynch could answer guiding us through the four days because of this I feel that I am so ready to share the knowledge that I was given with others grief recovery method training amazing thank you so much


Cole was a great instructor, he always included all of the participants and had us feeling safe and engaged in the training within a few hours of day one. I received far more out of the training than expected. I received healing for myself as well as tools to continue the process for me as well as help others.


Unresolved Grief is the single most challenge to enjoying a rich and fulfilled life. Grief recovery method helps us take action to experiencing peace and happiness.


The Grief recovery Specialist Certification Training is a must for everyone who works with those who are grieving or who want to help others. This is the most comprehensive grief training I have ever attended; I wish I would have attended 9 years ago! I am convinced that this is the most effective method for helping those who have suffered loss.


Whilst the team were sceptical about the training, in undertaking the experiences during the four days not only has the skills acquired been of extreme benefit to the work we undertake, but on a personal level it has allowed for buried deep troubles to be considered and work through. Thank you so much


Participating in the Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training was powerful in helping me to understand the importance of completing communication with my losses in order to move forward and have healthy relationships in the future.


The training that I received for a certified Grief recovery Method specialist, had equipped me to help others in a very professional manner. I am so glad that the the Grief Recovery Method Institute has made this training available to so many looking to become Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Beddie McGowan