Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

Writing a testimonial on my experience with this training is hard...it's hard because the weekend impacted me on such an emotional level. In four days Steve was able to lead a group of us through our own grief journey, allowing us to feel the grief recovery method for ourselves, so that we can then go out and positively impact the lives of countless others. When we started on Friday morning I knew nothing about the grief recovery method and I only had personal experiences and myths about grief to fall back on when talking to others. By Monday afternoon I left the training feeling confident - and excited - to bring this method back home and to so many who can benefit from it. Thank you to the Grief Recovery Institute and to Steve!


I really did not know what to expect at this training. I came away with not only knowledge of grief recovery, but the love of the group that was training with me. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity for this certification.


The Grief Recovery Method works. For me, standard therapy never worked, but the GRM has tools in place that increase interaction with understanding your losses and help you learn more about how to live a happy and more fulfilled life. I would recommend the GRM to anyone struggling, it does work.


This Grief Recovery will TRULY take you through RECOVERY. Not phases - no steps but ultimate Recovery. If you, like me, know the heaviness of what grief can do to your mind, body and soul if left unresolved, the Pure FREEDOM of it will change you and those around you forever. We live in a hurting world. Attend this perfected method and recover. Once recovered yourself, you can be a part of the blessing of setting those in unresolved grief FREE! It's AMAZING! Kim Wolfe, Dallas, TX.


The GRM taught me a lot on what I thought I already knew! The process is incredibly powerful and I can see how it can help people move away from their pain onto recovery. Phyl was a great facilitator and made the experience so much more personal and close to the heart than I could have ever imagined. Thank you!


It was great, and I look forward to using what I learned in the future.


I had a great ex pereance. I finally did the recovery of my real mother. I was really emoting over the whole prosses, did not want to do it at first but it happened. I would recommend this method hyly to any one who is readdy. The method part is easer then I thought. this happen to me at the right time. I am glad that the recovery Prosses happen first.


The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training will prove to be one the most valuable trainings I have ever taken.


I am born after my parents lost their son. A typical example of replace the loss. After working in the training with my sister ans at home withmy parents a curious pain of the muscles in my legs occured. There was no explenation for this happening other then the work I did. So I am sure this was the effect of doing this. For the first time in my life I'm standing on my own to feet. My place and my steps are lighter now. Although it feels strange I also feel very strong and sicure after this completion. This is a present that I hoped to get and therefore I'm so grateful. I've done a lot of stuff to get myself in place, this really was the missing piece of the jig saw.


The Grief Recovery Method Training was powerful and intense. I went in with one idea of specific expectations and left with a whole different revelation! This method gets to the heart of the matter! Thank you!


I made a decision to invest in this program based on everything I read. I was worried that somehow, it would not give me enough tools to be ready to rock and roll very quickly. I fel that I was given all of the tools and the tool box. It is up to me to use them, but if I get stuck, all I have to do is ask. I am so glad I did this training.


If you have an inclination toward this field, I recommend you take this certification training to enhance and expand upon your understanding of grief and how to help care for others who are experiencing loss in their life.


Very powerful and emotional experience, delivered extremely well and sensitively. I feel much more empowered now when dealing with loss. Fantastic!


I enjoyed my discovery of the Grief Recovery Method and how to deliver it. Phyl's delivery of the training was inspirational and has left me feeling confident to "get out there" and get going! I am looking forward to helping so many with their loss!


My suggestion would be if someone would like to come for the training to come already with self experience of using the method.


The Grief Recovery Method Training has been life changing! I am SO excited to be able to share with others what we have learned. The training could not have come at a better time in my life. I am facing my father's terminal illness and my mother's mental illness at the same time. I am so grateful for the gifts that I have been given by my employer/church for sending me, and by the materials that were taught.


As a Hospice Chaplain it took me back to my trainning in CPE, Clinical Pastoral Education. The group process was both challenging and enjoyable. For myself, it is a wonderful way to learn, being present with one another. Being in this group, one couls sense the carying traits of the group members. Lois had the right touch of knowing when to speak and when to let us speak. Enjoyable experience.


I have been working in the capacity to help others through grief for many years and that knowledge stunted my own ability to grieve. This program finally gave me permission to let my heart bleed in order to begin healing. I want to share it with EVERYONE!!


The GRM training was the most intensive and beneficial training I have ever attended. I was not only educated on the grief and recovery process, I found my own grief completion (after grieving over the loss of my husband the past 6 months). In addition, I met some wonderful people at the training, that I was able to connect with from around the country, and they are now a part of my network. It was an awesome experience and it has given me the confidence and tools to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in my community.


The Grief Recovery training program was delivered in an easy to digest format that will help me educate grievers in reducing the sense of isolation. Our instructor (Bobbie Rill) presentations of this material exceeded my goals and all the trainees were very committed. Bobbie has an engaging style that allows her to present sensitive information in a way that is educational, informative, and with a touch of humor. The support The Grief Recovery Institute provides is unlimited!


I read THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD HANDBOOK twice, completed the exercises and applied what I learned to my own situation before registering for the training. I was so appreciative for the help and impressed with how simple the methodology is and how well it works, I wanted to share it with others. Upon completion of the training and with the many resources available on the website, I feel well equipped to help others in either a group or one-on-one setting.


Not only did I feel that the training help me complete unresolved relationship, I gained strong relationships with people that I can have as peer mentors and confidants in the future as we start groups in our own communities. I look forward to walking individuals through their grief with hope and completeness on the other side.


The Grief Recovery Method has been a life changing experience for me, it has freed me from my old beliefs and has help me to heal relationships that I thought were hopeless. I am so thankful for the Grief Recovery Method and Bobbie Rill our Certification Trainer.


My husband and I lost our newly adopted daughter and his dad in a few months time. It sent us both spiraling down to a place that unburied unresolved grief. Someone I barely knew suggested the grief and loss recovery program with Bobbie Rill. I said "I don't have any loss"....... I contacted Bobbie and through working with her and the GRM my whole life is starting to make sense and have a clear direction and purpose that ehas enabled me to finally see God more clearly. My life is forever changed. I don't dread my next 30 years anymore. I can see.