Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

My Training was concise and well organized. Laura Jack is an excellent facilitator and knew how to stay on target. Really helped me feel confidant about my decision to do this as my new vocation.


It was a great experience, it gave me a new goal in life and the possibility to share the method with others !!!!


Highly recommended, it is incredible what we can achieve in such a short time for ourselves and others.


My heart has quieted and grown. I have the tools because of taking part and learning the Grief Recovery Method to become the change I want to see in the world and to effect change in others.


The training was very helpful. From what I have seen so far I am impressed with the philosophy and approach which presents grief as a normal part of life and provides non-"therapeutic" tools for completing the losses associated with grief.


I just completed The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training in Pittsburgh, PA. I loved working and training in a group setting. While we learned we also worked on past losses that we experienced in life. Through this experience and training we really came to appreciate the beauty of each person in the group and understanding the gift of how this really works in recovering your happiness after the pain of loss. Grief recovery is healing hearts that have been broken from loss. I really look forward to working with and helping others in the future with this certification.


This program helped me tremendously! I am a 56-year-old woman who had some trauma as a child. And I have kept it ALL hidden inside for all of these years. I was affected by these unresolved communications--in my behaviors, my relationships, and the way that I communicated with others. And lastly, I was angry! During the GRM training, I was able to open up, share, and put hose negative feelings from the trauma to rest. I found closure, and completion. I felt FREE! So, the process, and the techniques work--if you want it to work, and if you want help. And I did. So, thank you for the opportunity and the great experience. I plan to share this with others, and apply it.


The Grief Recovery Method Training was great! I learned a wealth of information that I can use in my everyday life, as well as in times of grief. I feel very prepared. Lois Hall has such a vibrance about her that makes her an amazing trainer. She is so knowledgeable and patient. I had a great experience and I can't wait to use the materials to begin my first group!


The grief recovery method training was intense and incredible. I was able to identify and work through my own loss and in doing so learned how to help others. I also created frienahips with some amazing people. Walking in I didn't know what to expect and wasn't anticipating the amount of emotions I had. This process allowed me to gently unpack the past and put it all away. Thank you Lois, all the attendees, and the grief recovery method for allowing me to participate. I will now go forward and help others. Rebecca Voelker


Trough the training sessions I could better see and feel the grieve of people and search for mine, and clearly take notice of the help the Grieve Recovery Method give when the person is willing and open enough to make their own recovery.


For me personally the safety and confidentiality created by our trainer meant I was able to touch on parts of my life whose impact I'd almost forgotten and be heard for the first time. No pressure, no embarrassment. This is truly powerful and transformative work.


I love the simplicity of the method and that it's non-analytical. Very powerful.


After years of searching for support to resolve my unresolved grief with my mother suicide when i was a teenager i have found A deep healing peace while taking all the steps presented to me through the method There is hope present in my life here and now for me to start living my life as a recovered griever and to go on in service to others like me who are struggling to release their aching hearts. This is a life changing Process that i will cherish and practice for the rest of my life. With profound gratitude For the creator of the method thank you Your training gave me my life back in the land of the living fully embracing my life with deep compassion at the heart of my humanity.


These four days had such a big impact on me. Through my life with losses and grief I always felt there had to be something better for people. I was thrilled to learn the tools that the Grief Recovery Certification training taught me. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to be in the moment with loss and grief. I can highly recommend this training program to anyone who seeks further knowledge and the ability to help others through difficult times.


I'm not sure what I thought the experience would be, but I quickly saw the value in it. It was a unique experience that benefited me personally and professionally.


I have completed the loss of my father whom abandoned us as children. It is such a wonderful feeling!


The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training far exceeded my expectations. I am a widow and lead a widows support group. My desire was to further equip myself with tools to further assist widows to move from surviving to thriving. I feel like the training assisted me with tools for myself in all kinds of loss and gave me even hope and passion for helping all kinds of people with grief and loss. I would highly recommend it for anyone.


Grief is the missing puzzle in peoples recovery with out this pice recovery can be a roller coaster.i received this training and i recommended.


Writing a testimonial on my experience with this training is hard...it's hard because the weekend impacted me on such an emotional level. In four days Steve was able to lead a group of us through our own grief journey, allowing us to feel the grief recovery method for ourselves, so that we can then go out and positively impact the lives of countless others. When we started on Friday morning I knew nothing about the grief recovery method and I only had personal experiences and myths about grief to fall back on when talking to others. By Monday afternoon I left the training feeling confident - and excited - to bring this method back home and to so many who can benefit from it. Thank you to the Grief Recovery Institute and to Steve!


I really did not know what to expect at this training. I came away with not only knowledge of grief recovery, but the love of the group that was training with me. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity for this certification.


The Grief Recovery Method works. For me, standard therapy never worked, but the GRM has tools in place that increase interaction with understanding your losses and help you learn more about how to live a happy and more fulfilled life. I would recommend the GRM to anyone struggling, it does work.


This Grief Recovery will TRULY take you through RECOVERY. Not phases - no steps but ultimate Recovery. If you, like me, know the heaviness of what grief can do to your mind, body and soul if left unresolved, the Pure FREEDOM of it will change you and those around you forever. We live in a hurting world. Attend this perfected method and recover. Once recovered yourself, you can be a part of the blessing of setting those in unresolved grief FREE! It's AMAZING! Kim Wolfe, Dallas, TX.


The GRM taught me a lot on what I thought I already knew! The process is incredibly powerful and I can see how it can help people move away from their pain onto recovery. Phyl was a great facilitator and made the experience so much more personal and close to the heart than I could have ever imagined. Thank you!


It was great, and I look forward to using what I learned in the future.