Testimonials for our Certification Training Program

The training was exceptional. I deal a great deal with homeless individuals and this course will help me teach them how to recover from there grief


GRM changed my life and my perception on the reality of grieving and how to promote healing through expressed communication. I am share this new found knowledge with other grievers.


During an exercise...I had to share the feelings of another trainee. Reading her words brought me to tears because I was reading my thoughts in her words! At that moment, I realized that grief does not discriminate. In spite of our differences (race, age, socio economic status) the root of our pain was the same....and that is where the healing will begin.


Lois was a fantastic instructor! She was very informative and helpful. I am so glad I took this course and even more so that she was the instructor!


Excellent training - which has made me feel that I have the right tools to work with loss in all its forms in my role as a coach. Invariably loss will come into many coaching conversations. The Grief Recovery Method has provided me with the confidence to know that if a client chooses to work on this that I am able to effectively support them at an incredibly difficult time.


The Grief Recovery Method has been an envaluable experience for me it has provide me with such relief of all the unsaid emotions I have carried around for years with people who have passed away or are alive . I feel so grateful of having acquired the skills establish a meaningful connection with anyone from the onset of meeting someone new for the first time and maybe the last .I felt so empowered I have had many ah ha moments that have empowered me to think better act differently and enjoy every moment life has with people I come across every day or through Facebook or ortherwise The whole experience was extremely transformational and I feel so empowered and confident I feel like a new women with a greater purpose and connection to life and events in it


I found the Grief Recovery Certification Training an enriching emotional experience that also prepared me to help others understand their grieving process and give direct actions that will help them move beyond grief as they connect more deeply with themselves and others.


I just completed the Grief Recovery Method specialist training in Edmonton and it was fantastic! From valuable content to practical exercises, to powerful delivery, the entire experience was very rewarding! I highly recommend this program to all.


I felt complete with the loss I worked on during the training.


The Grief Recovery Method opened my eyes to the losses in my life that I still needed to process. I am very grateful for the opportunity to help others while still helping myself. I have done other grief programs that were specifically for those who have lost a spouse, but this method gave me actual tools to recover. Since we are all grieving something, I would recommend The Grief Recovery Method to EVERYONE!


I entered the training with no relative previous training or tools other than reading a couple of the books and having a broken heart and a young son. It was a transformative experience. Both healing and educational. I left feeling uplifted, empowered and very confident in being able to share these gifts to other people.


I went into this training hoping to gain knowledge and experience to help others and I left helping myself with my own grief recovery. This is a method that can help anyone.


I had such a great, emotional, wonderful and releasing weekend. I will be forever thankful for Laura's kindness and gentleness and for holding my hand and my heart through this entire process.My life is forever changed because of Laura and the Grief Recovery Method. There is so much potential to help others with their pain and guilt, I can't wait to use the GRM to help others. Laura is wonderful and I'll love her forever


As an LMFT, I found this material to be extremely helpful. While not therapy, It certainly helps one to apply the tools in a very helpful way, which leads to healing.


It was a good course that made you take deep introspection about all you have encountered in your life and how you handled and adapt to life's experiences. It forged lasting relationships and it was very educational and informative. I


Yes. GR certification really helped me by equipping me with information to help others.There is more satisfaction in helping others.Am now well equipped.


My life has forever been changed. My husband and children immediately noticed results. I am a believer, the method works, the process is solid!


My experience with The Grief Recovery Specialist Certification Training was outstanding. I feel prepared to share The Grief Recovery Method with people that need it. I look forward to sharing this with people that are experiencing the pain and suffering that accompanies grief.


The experience was a very positive one. Our group was so cooperative and the instructor, Jocelyn, was the best.


This training session provides valuable tools and procedures to effectively aid those who are hurting intensely. Well worth the time and effort, l heartily recommend this to anyone who wishes to make a difference in people's lives. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.


While the purpose of the training was for us to learn the Grief Recovery Method, we were given the opportunity to go through personally what we will be doing in teaching our own groups. This not only felt good as a participant, but also gave us an idea of how our clients will experience the group.


As interesting as it was educational the entire for days.


I am so grateful to have been lead serendipitously to the GRM when I realized, I had tried everything I knew to move forward from grieving the loss of my mom. Doing the GRM Specialist training has helped me cry finally! Tears always came easily until the passing of my mom. And then everything changed. Since completing this workshop, I am reconnecting more with my own heart and life again. And for that, I am truly grateful! Thank you so much! If you do indeed use this, I would like to know in advance. Is that possible? Thank you.


I was able to process my own "incomplete loss" while learning about being a facilitator of the method.